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ADVERTISING How to encourage people to buy products, services or ideas.

Walk into a room. Fluff your feathers. All eyes on you. When everyone else is sporting the exact same haircut, you put on a top hat. Stand out. Get noticed.

There's a big busy world out there, and people are so frantic in every aspect of their lives, that if you want to get noticed, you have to do something different. If you want your brand to be recognised, it has to have something about it that doesn't just get a curious glance, but something which grabs your audiences attention and makes them stop dead in their tracks. Your advertising needs to be just like your dating technique. You need to display all your colours in their magnificent glory, and show off everything about yourself, so that your audience will not only see you, notice you and remember you, but they'll want to be with  you. 



Print advertising is like a dating column. There's lot of competitors clamouring for your audience's attention. You need to make jaws drop and heads turn, cause traffic jams at billboards, fights over magazine editorials and sell out newspapers because your advert is featured in there. We know you're good, now make people want you. 


Billions of websites, and trillions of places to click. You need to be the most exciting and appealing thing all over the internet to get that attention you want. From web banners, to re-marketing and Facebook adverts, let's put your name up there in neon flashing lights, so you can't help but look. 

TV, Video and Motion

Keep them keen to keep their attention. Show them thing exciting, something new, something different every time they see you. Everywhere they look, an advert on TV, a new YouTube video sensation or a funky cartoon avatar on a animation video, they will see you and your brand, reassuring them of what they have, or reminding them of what they're missing.


Just because they can't see you, doesn't mean you can't be in their head, whispering sweet nothings into their ear. Radio advertising is the perfect way to personify your brand, with a sexy sultry voice, or a friendly, happy chat, whatever fits with your product.