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BRANDING Connecting with people.

We're in a bar. I'm your Wingman. Your perfect girl, or perfect customer, is at the other side of the room. I'm here to make sure we can get you over there and start something special.

With me by your side, we'll get across to your perfect woman in no time at all, with no unwanted distractions from potential rivals or unwelcome ex's. Marketing for your brand is like courting: I'm going to make you look attractive and then find out what your target wants, when they want it, how much they need and teach you how to deliver it to them using only the most relevant tricks in my bible. Make them happy and they’ll be drawn to you. Maybe even love you. Did I say courting? I meant stalking.

Like being in a bar, your brand needs to be popular and attractive. Consider it like a real person. It’s alive, growing and constantly changing in the customers’ mind, depending on how you act. Branding is about developing a personality to captivate customers. Its identity captures the eye, its voice speaks your values clearly, its philosophy is enchanting. With clever creativity and crafting, I will make sure your brand not just connects with people, but captivates them.



I love words. Especially funny ones but then that’s really a separate conversation. I love to read too, as I feel this is the basis of good writing. I read anything and everything: even actual paper books, remember those: primitive versions of the Kindle? I realise that good copy is an essential component to the success of a project, and aspire to get this right every time. And I'm a perfectionist too – that’s why I always write with a pencil with a rubber on the end...

Brand Story

This is all about you, it's you who people will trust and value, so you need to tell them your story so they can identify with you, understand you, and fall in love with the real you. 

Brand Promise

This is the ultimate chat up line. It's the one and only one-liner you will to need to wrap up the conversation and take things to the next level. If's you sole promise on what you will always do for your date, and for your customers. 

Logo and Corporate Identity

I love anything visual, and appreciate how important it is that your brand and ethos resonates through your logo. Anything goes with me: if you want an orange, balancing on a basketball hoop with a lightning bolt going through it, I’ll somehow make it look amazing. Challenge accepted. That is just how we role at Tim Marner Creative Agency Manchester.

Brand Personality

You'll get nowhere at the bar without a personality to back up your looks, and that's why we'll work together to give you a personality which will be exactly how you want your date to describe you to her friends. 

Brand Position

Where do you go for your first date? That's what your brand position will determine. Where do you fall into the dating world, where do you fall into the marketplace? Are you a fan of the local grotty pub, or do you prefer an exquisite romantic meal? I'll help you decide what's best for your date.