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Business Direction Manchester - Sqhair Salon



Sarah and Pete came to us with just 10 weeks before the opening of their very first salon venture together. No name, no real first step and even a squabble or two over the choice of tiles to have in their wet area. Enter the Tim Marner team. Before us were two people with the same vision, a wealth of knowledge and expertise but frustrated at the lack of help with the next step. After a meeting with the guys it was clear that there were two very big personalities in this business, both which complimented each other so well. The perfect business duo. We had our work cut out for us. Sarah and Pete's branding not only had to make them look good, but have an air of professionalism without being corporate. Lets do this. 




A name is singularly the most important part of you’re brand, get that wrong and you have already lost us. It has to sing you’re practice. When you first hear a name, it ought to invoke feelings of what a brand is about straight away. It should pique your curiosity and make you want to know more. A name should hint at what’s behind it, without giving away too much. It draws you in through the door…That’s exactly what SQHAIR does. It’s something different, something unique. Something that stands out from the crowd - just like that unique hairstyle you have been craving. You can at first glance see what it does, but you still want to find out what this brand is about, like something you have never come across before that you’re eager to adopt. It sounds slick and smart, and you can’t help but want to learn more. It’s a name that’s symmetrical, perfectly rolling off the tongue in a natural way. We built up SQHAIR as the power of two. It’s taking something and then making it better.  Its Sarah and Pete. Simples.





Straight talking, down to earth, and with a commitment to precision and perfection, the logo reflects everything that SQHAIR is about. It makes a stylish statement from just the briefest of glances, with the name bold and clear. It’s precise, clear cut, in a perfect square, symmetrical in all aspects. It’s black or white, one clear way of looking at it or another, like whether you look good or not; clean and straight, to the point. And then, there is the iconic number 2, indicating that the power of two is always better than one, where together, SQHAIR can transform the way you look and we had two very different personalities coming together to give you one trusted and memorable hair salon. See a lot of thought goes into our branding and the way in which we put our brands together. To create a successful brand you need to first humanise it after all people buy from people.