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It's all love

CONTRACTCARS.COM isn't like some of those dodgy sales guys you might come across when looking for a new car on contract. They're the opposite - totally honest, and totally to the point. So when we created this brand we had to make sure we got across just how much love and attention they give to each and everyone of their customers.


BRANDING for Orto-mobiles

When CONTRACTCARS.COM came to us they made it clear in no uncertain terms, caring about the customer was at the heart of their business. We gave them a friendly and bright colour scheme and a softly shaped but straight forward logo. This coupled with Orto the owl, an approachable little mascot made up out of car parts completed the look. Orto isn’t just the face of CONTRACTCARS.COM he’s also a bot that you can chat too when you go on the website and do live chat or enquiries on Facebook. He’s got his own personality and voice that talks to you as an individual and connects with you the customer.

Lean, mean machine

After many long dark nights and approximately 2596 coffees, Lee our Creative Digital Director leaned back in his chair and smiled.There it was in all it’s glory. The CONTRACTCARS.COM website, finally done. This little masterpiece needed a lot of love to create, it features it’s own filtering system for the cars and price calculator to help work out prices for cars based on mileage, deposits and all those other bits we won’t get into. Boring and confusing I know. But that’s why we’re so proud of it, because we managed to keep it simple, straight forward and exciting, just like the brand.



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