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Creative Agency Bolton - Delisa Miller



Lets take it from the top. You have a great business plan, the passion and drive of a Roman warrior, so surely you are set ready to conquer you're market now? STOP. Take a minute to sit in the other persons seat. Do you see what they see? Be honest, after all this brand is you're baby. Is you're brand streamlined? Does it give a clear and consistent message? What are you're foundations? A brand is so much more than just a logo. Its how we talk on social its how we present our selves at that first important client meeting, its even in the way I'm writing this content, see what i mean? Is you're brand the Peter Kay of the group, funny, witty, absolutely nuts, or is you're brand the David Beckham of the group? family man, always represented well in the press, very fashionable? See already we have identified 2 completely different ways of humanising you're brand, but that what we do, because people buy from people.



So we have our foundations are we are beginning to understand our market place, full steam ahead. Delisa Miller came to us already established with their estate agents office win Manchester. Lots of lovely clients and already had a base but what this brand lacked was real presence. The brains behind the operation Ruth you meet once and fall in love with. Ruth is super creative and looks after everybody around her. Same goes for her clients and landlords, she prides herself on her high standard of customer relations. Ruth reminded us of a lion. A strong and powerful figure who looks after her pride and has serious fight and drive to get what she wants. The leader of the pack, that Roman warrior.



Thats where we are different. We were not going to cheat our client into thinking they needed to start at the beginning, throw a huge bill their way and then sleep comfortably at night. We just don’t roll that way. We give our clients what we know they need and not necessarily what they think they want. Now Delisa Miller has a brand that will stand the test of time, showcases Ruth’s personality and has everybody talking. We hang our hat on Delisa Miller as the team have a good ethos and all work to the same goal, that goal being clear now that we have helped rebrand them. Lets just say they are set to be a roaring success.