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Design Agency Manchester A section dedicated to my stalkers.

Tim and Jay at Manchester United

Tim and Jay at Manchester United

Liverpool keeper Simon Mignolet and Hairbonds very own CEO Scott Michaels

Liverpool keeper Simon Mignolet and Hairbonds very own CEO Scott Michaels

Tim and England's number one bowler Jimmy Anderson

Tim and England's number one bowler Jimmy Anderson

It's not good to tell you too much right away. What would we talk about when we first meet, and I definitely don't want to come off too keen right?

If you really want to dig deep into the mind of Tim Marner, and find out who I am, you just need to come and have a chat. I’m an open book.

But what I can tell you, if you must know, is that I have a mind like no other. I don’t just see the little things. Attention to detail is important, yes, but it’s useless without a guiding hand and an overall insight into how everything fits together seamlessly. I see the whole picture. Big and small.

“Marner! Stop day dreaming!”

Looking back I think it was at that moment, looking out the classroom window with my teacher glaring down at me, that I knew not only did I want to do something different with my life, I HAD to do something different. And look at me now. I day dream for a living. Because by day dreaming, I can come up with some incredible ideas and creative concepts, some super cool branding, awesome art direction, and wow factor photography images, that are so far out there, they are like Pluto.

It’s why I get up every day with a smile on my face. Why would I bother getting up otherwise? I used to work at a big design agency in Manchester, part of the big corporate political world. I was a top class designer and art director, working for huge businesses and making lots of money, dating lots of hot girls. But I felt like there was something missing. I wasn’t able to truly do what I wanted to do.

Tim and Ben on location

Tim and Ben on location

So that’s why I quit my big design agency job, to work with people that mattered, clients who meant something, who are now friends I care about. To work day in day out on projects that are important to someone, where my day dreams are unchained and my ideas are listened to, free to be as creative as they can be. And guess what? I’m still a top class art director and creative designer, dating lots of hot girls. 

And that’s why I say to everyone - dream of big things, and go for them. Nothing will stand in your way if you truly believe in what you’re doing, and care about it. Dream it, love it, and make it happen. And just enjoy yourself while you’re at it. Because dating, branding, working, breathing and living - they’re all about having fun. 

That teacher who told me to stop daydreaming, also told me I’d never accomplish anything - Well how do you like me now Mr Park?


Who ARE Tim Marner, Manchester design agency?

How did you get started as a Creative Director?

When you've been in this industry as long as I have and you're passionate about the work that you do, then you want to know that your very best work is getting made, that your ideas are being realised and that clients are getting original, compelling ideas. Working for someone else, you don’t have that control. You are beholden to an agency structure and agency politics. This can mean your ideas are dismissed for all the wrong reasons and that clients don’t always get to see the best ideas.

I remembered how I felt when I first started working for myself and experienced not only the feeling of self-worth, but also enjoyed that look on my client's face when I had exceeded their expectations. Today, hundreds of projects later, I still get the same buzz that comes with solving a problem for a client and it’s this that makes getting up in the morning very easy.


What makes your design agency in Manchester unique?

It may sound stupid to you, but it’s ME!  There is no other human being exactly like me on this earth. I think differently. I work differently. I am……different! I work primarily on passion. Any project whether it's large or small has to strike a chord with me personally. The money, whilst it does have a bearing and does keep a roof over my head, is not why I’m in this business! Every piece of work I do has a touch of Timmy Time in it.

I am a brand in my own right; once you get used to seeing my work, you will be able to read a piece of copy, look at a shoot or scroll through a website and know it's been touched by the hands and mind of Tim Marner! What you see is what you get. I'm totally upfront, honest and most of all, I love what I do. And it’s this passion which comes across and it’s what my clients buy into. All of this is what makes me unique.


What are your design agencies future plans in Manchester?

To help as many small, individual or start-up businesses as possible.  We all know having the right type of branding can propel anyone's products and services to great heights; the only trouble is not everyone has big brand budgets.  My aim is to help as many businesses achieve their full potential with the right marketing. Be that creating a brand or a website, or simply telling their story in the most compelling way – allowing them to get started and for the money to start rolling in.


What is the most exciting thing that's coming up for your work?

If you'd have asked me this question a few years back, I would have mentioned some of the bigger brands like Adidas, Vivienne Westwood etc with the glow that I enjoyed when dropping them into conversation when I was with friends. Now, I’d have to say the most exciting thing coming up next, is whatever project’s next. This is because I’m working with companies and individuals who want to make a difference. People who are passionate about what they do and want to provide their customers with great products and exceptional service.

Let me give you an example. I am currently working on a project for Mr Mole Man. He’s ever-so friendly and a real gentleman. And if you don't know who he is, follow him on Twitter. He'll wish you, along with everybody else, a lovely day and will even tell you about the weather.  I've helped to transform Mr Mole Man into a household name in Shropshire. Today people refer to him and trust him enough that he’s become a regular part of their lives. This is a business that a few weeks ago was on the verge of being closed – yet today is a roaring success. I saw the man and the vision that was in the business and brought it out and shared it with everyone else.


What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring Creative Director?

In my career I've encountered what I like to call the "but” people and the "well, I'm not too sure” people. These are individuals who always have an opinion on your ideas, but are very slow to offer their own. The best advice I can give, is never give in to them. Have faith and believe in yourself and your own creative abilities as these traits are what make you, you. But above all, be passionate, caring and honest - as this shows in every project you do and every word you speak.  For only when you believe in a client – can you convince someone else to also believe in them – and only then can you really do your job.