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Graphic Design Bolton

Graphic Design Bolton It's like creating and crafting the crown jewels.

The first time you brush her skin. The first time you hold hands. That first kiss. You remember how it felt for the first time, touching, holding and feeling something so special. That's what GRAPHIC DESIGN does. 

Digital is not the all encompassing global power some people claim. Graphic design still matters. Graphic design still makes a difference. The classics do still work, if they're done in a cool, clever way. Because people remember them. 

It's like dating. Sure, you can do it online. You can talk to someone, tease them, flirt with them and show them some beautiful pictures of yourself, but there's a connection still missing. There's something not quite tangible, something, not quite real. If you want to take dating to the next level, you have to meet in person, to show them you're real, and you're special. The same is true for branding. 


Stationary, Flyers, Invitations, Teasers and Mailers

Even though we live in a digital age, we do still occasionally send a love letter to that someone special, and when we do, they should look as fabulous as any other printed item. With my creative flair, I’ll make sure your stationary is anything but stationary... see what I did there? I know.


Far removed from the Argos catalogue, brochures can be a thing of real beauty. Think of it not as a brochure, but as a portal to a lifestyle, whatever the product. I want to create things people love to look at, touch, feel and brochures can be just as much as part of this as any other print item. I know, I can be quite romantic when I try.

Direct Marketing

I love the personal touch. My business is all about communication and if I can get people talking then I’ve done my job. Sometimes, direct marketing is the best way of communicating messages, and by fully understanding your brand, I can make sure we create something beautiful, unique and different. Just like me.

Magazine Design

Design is just as important as words in the magazine world and as newspapers become more magazine like in their approach to communicating messages, this is an important area of design to understand. From The Face to Heat, I understand that in magazine design, the aim is to be visual and keep the readers interest. In a fun, engaging and creative way, obviously, although if you’ve got to here I’m sure you’ll know that about me already.