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Graphic Design Manchester - Hollie Philippa



Hollie bounced into our office with a bulletproof coffee in one hand and her bio medicine books in the other. Jeez this girl is nuts we thought. When we peeled back the layers we found that Hollie is that girl who you call you’re best friend but, she’s kind of like that best friend you love to hate. The one who you can’t live with half the time, and yet couldn’t imagine life without her. That’s because she’s a little bit mental. She’s a bit brutal - hardcore, speaking her mind, and not afraid to go a bit crazy from time to time. She’s inappropriate at times, annoying at others, and generally you just can’t rid of her - but that’s what you love. Because despite all the craziness on the surface, underneath Hollie Philippa is super cool, intelligent, knowledgable and knowing exactly what needs to be done to support her friends and help them achieve their best. She strives for the best in  every situation but why the super duper analysis of Hollie if we are building up a brand for her? Well my friends she IS the brand.



At first glance, you might be forgiven for thinking that the pink of the Hollie Philippa logo represents a girly girl and some gentle exercises. But look closer at the scaffolding used to construct the name; it’s built like a unit, and the pink merely indicates the mixture of blood, sweat and tears, and the rosy red cheeks that show you’ve been working out hard. The letters are interlocked to create a super solid structure. Strong and immovable, it’s what your body will be like after working out with Hollie! She’ll help put the pieces together onto a platform you can build on. Connected together, they evenly distribute whatever weight you put on it, so no matter what is thrown at your body - your fitness will remain indestructible. See when you get to understand you’re client to the degree that we do, the branding part comes naturally.



One year in and this mini machine has taken on a number of new clients and even launched her own branded clothing line. The best bit? Being there to see the brand we loved creating so much start scaling to the heights we knew it could hit. Of course, Hollies success hasn’t come over night, blood sweat and tears, sleepless nights and numerous bullet proof coffees for sure have factored in. While all the people around her were spending Friday and Saturday in a bar, Hollie was at the bar, the squat bar! But at the end of the day when you’re goal is clear and you are focused with a kick ass brand, the rest is just plain squatting… did we say squatting? we meant sailing.