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Logo Design Bolton - RRugby Academy



When you’ve lived and breathed rugby all your life, passion doesn’t even come close to describing what you have. Pretty much every waking minute, you’re developing your skills, demonstrating your commitment and being a true sportsman. But what do you do with that knowledge. How do you pass on that infectious enthusiasm to someone else? That’s the issue Rob Jones was facing. A player, a coach and a leader, he wanted something bigger and something better to pass the baton on to a younger generation. He’d learnt respect the hard way, discipline through mistakes and responsibility through experience. He knew that kids should have a better way to learn these core values, and that there should be a way to help them grow and develop, with rugby at its core. Not just teaching and learning. But experience and enjoyment. So we created an academy that cared for every aspect of a child’s development. We created RRugby Academy. 



At the base of the logo, you’ll find the academy. This is the foundation of everything. A solid, un-moveable rock upon which all the values are built. It’s the pitch underneath that has to be immaculate. At the top, this is what it’s all about. Slightly distorted to show the energetic, fast and furious nature of rugby, it’s rough around the edges to show the scuffed up turf and flying mud - everything you’d expect from a serious game. And it features the reversible R’s - two sides of one vision, a community uniting around a strong, unbeatable academy.



It was full steam ahead when we met with Rob Jones, he had little over 2 weeks to complete all material for his first rugby tournament. Posters, banners, t.shirts, medals, tournament boards, pitch layouts...oh and a brand. Time was of the essence with this badger and so we set the design team straight to work creating a Rrugby Academy for children of all ages. Fun, discipline, motivation and above all team work were at the heart of this brand and it was great to be able to bring such a greta little brand to life.