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Logo Design, and How it Can Make Or Break Your Business

Think about the biggest brands in the world, Nike, Starbucks, McDonalds, Apple, and Microsoft for example. One aspect that all of these major brands have in common is they have logo designs that stand out and are recognized the world over. Take McDonalds, they are known in every country in the world, and are damned near in them as well. I imagine you can take a picture of the Golden Arches to the Serengeti, show it to a Bushman, and they would say McDonalds in broken English. 

Why is quality logo design so important? Because a good logo is one of the most important factors of any successful brand. They help your company or business stand out from the crowd; they become household icons, and in time give a sense of quality and trust. People know when they are buying Apple, that they are going to get a product that was built for the people with their best interest in mind. They know that there will be no hidden gimmicks, or bullshit failures designed to milk them for more cash, and all of this comes from trust build that is associated with one awesome logo design. 

OK so we now get that it’s of the upmost importance to have one schnizzle of a logo, but the next question begs, how do we create a logo that sticks and people remember? Well, you could spend time designing your own logo for your brand or even get a family friend or nephew who has a computer in there bedroom. Or the best way to get the logo for your brand you deserve is to find someone who knows brand building and understands how to connect with people. 

Someone who is already established in the field of branding has gone through all of the hardships, trials, and tribulations of logo design associated with developing a brand, and as such will know exactly what you need and how to create it. Developing an innovative logo, is really an art form, and when someone has put their time in and perfected the art, and created a logo and brand for themselves and others, it’s safe to assume that they can do the same for you. 

So how do you tell if you have found someone who is exceptional at logo design and brand building? It’s simple, look at their website, social media accounts, and associates, successful people and businesses will only be affiliated with others of the same nature. And when you contact this person of exceptional powers, you’ll be able to tell immediately if they are qualified to handle logo design for you and your company. This is true, because good branding and logo development isn’t something that can be easily replicated, a person really has to know what they are doing in order to build a good brand and create good logo, and you’ll know when you find that person. 

In any case, keep your eyes open, stay diligent in your pursuit of finding someone who is good at logo design, ask questions, and when you find that person, stick to them like glue. Because that person, their logo design for you, and their help in branding, could be the determining factor to your success. Look at it this way, do you think Coca Cola or Apple would be as successful as they are now if they didn’t take the design of their logo seriously? The answer is No, if apple had a picture of a standard red apple, people probably would have never taken them serious in the first place.