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Rule Breaking Campaign

Arena Rule Breakers Photography and Video Campaign.

Every successful Photography and Video campaign we do starts with a story. A story that your customer can understand, follow, embrace and once they are hooked on the story, you have your conversion. Our friends Arena understand the importance of strong story telling, and so came all the way from Italy to work with us on their latest S/S17 Campaign, ‘Rule Breakers’. With every brand story, you need to highlight the beginning (your target audience and potential customers), the middle (the execution and delivery of the campaign), and the end (how you choose to market your material).

We started by first locking down our audience;

Who Are the Rule Breakers?

Young, bold and confident young ladies (14-25 years). Girls not afraid to wear their personalities out loud. Girls that are sure of their individualities and are not afraid to be different, in fact they embrace it. They are all about attitude, they are cheeky and playful, with a subtle hint of sexiness. They know who they are and where they want to be, pushing rules, breaking stereotypes and confidently living every moment as if it were their last.

With the audience in mind, the models we used for the campaign had to epitomise this ideal. The girls themselves had to be bold, confident and not afraid to wear their personalities out loud.


Next we needed to understand what it was that our audience wanted, a successful campaign is only successful if it manages to convert your audience;

What do they want?

No Compromises. They don’t want sexy or sporty, they want a bikini that delivers both! It’s important however that we considered throughout the campaign that consumers can be as young as 14, so sexy should be suggestive by way of facial expressions and cheeky/playful poses, not through a deliberate sexual connotation. We should aim towards cheeky! Cheeky (mischievous way of use) represents a type of behaviour: causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.


Finally we put our creative minds to the test and outlined exactly how we would achieve this for the client;

How can we Achieve Sexy Sporty?

Through combining sporty style images, with a hint of sexiness, as indicated in the images in the moodboard above. The fun, cheeky aspect should be visible through both the photography and the video, through the girls attitude… namely, the eyes. The idea of swim props and natural swimmer positions would add a real sport feel, start block poses, natural stretching/exercises etc. It was important that the ‘sport‘ element was credible throughout and this could only be performed by using natural swimmers. We worked with two internationally recognised swimmers, Edita and Hilla the girls featured earlier aged between 18-21.

Campaign Buzz Words were created to help keep our campaign delivery on track and inline with the clients original brief;


The final piece of the puzzle lay with location. We wanted the setting to be an instantly recognisable site relatable to swimming and so there really was no question when we had one of the grandest swim sites right on our doorstep;

What Location?

Victoria Swimming Baths - Manchester, A derelict swimming pool of course, that fell perfectly in line with the ‘RULE BREAKER’ concept. The clients brief was simple. At least 5 of the shots, should have complete product exposure, while the other 5 can remain more suggestive – natural start block positions, stretching etc and must feature all original elements of the location where possible, including the changing / locker rooms, original pool tiles, coloured floor lane dividers, swimmer blocks etc.


Three days, two international swimmers and over 30 bikini co-ordinations later and its safe to say that we were able to capture the true essence of Arenas new Spring Summer swim range. The Tim Marner team helped to encourage the models cheeky personalities through specific direction and our editing treatments were selected in line with the brand story. The next stage was to identify how to market the campaign; 

Social Campaign

We would run with a series of 6 fun images and short clips, that see the young swimmers breaking a series of ‘breakable’ rules, taking into consideration the location. These would need to work across all social channels including Instagram, Twitter & Facebook and the video clips to be around 30 seconds long. We decided upon 6 swim related ‘Rule Breaks’ that we could instigate the girls to break on the day;

Rule 1: No Lifeguard On Duty
Rule 2: Men Only
Rule 3: No Swimming
Rule 4: No Eating or Drinking
Rule 5: No Mobile Phones
Rule 6: No Heavy Petting


The photography and videos had to be fun and cheeky whilst demonstrating each pool rule break;


With a heavy focus on Instagram, we would push video across this social channel to encourage customer engagement and interest. The video clips would feature all the different product throughout.

Check out Rule 2: Men Only video clip below.

Photography and video are such powerful tools that when done correctly and in line with your brand can help to convert your audience into customers. By mapping out from the beginning the campaigns start , middle and end (GOALS) you will see that your idea, your intention, your reason will turn into a powerful and meaningful campaign that will capture and engage your audience, but remember, before you can break the rules… you must first understand them.

Check out behind the scenes video below.

- Douglas MacArthur