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Celebrity Brand Photography

We’ve been working with food television star, Dale Pinnock - The Medicinal Chef, for years now taking dynamic imagery for the culinary master whilst maintaining his brands image.

Be warned from the off, celebrity photography is a tough field to break into. Everyone these days seems to have a digital camera and a belief that they might “have a knack for it.” But, there just isn’t room for everyone in the arena. If you want to be a celebrity photographer, you will need much more than a knack for it.

The beautiful thing about photographing Dale is that apart from the fact he is a true gent he’s also up for different things. 

There’s always a temptation to go for the safe option when it comes to photographing people in the public eye, but what people forget is that a lot of celebrities are loved for their personality and it’s how their fans connect with them, so it’s essential that this is captured in the brand photography especially when you do different things. 

Celebrities and their managers are tough critics, and they demand the best for themselves and their clients. And, because so many people are itching for jobs like this, you’ll need a gruelling work ethic and a lot of talent to gain a foothold in this field of a badger.

Celebrities are used to having cameras pointed at them, but it’s not just about posing and looking good all the time, brand photography is about catching emotions and creating stories that promote their brand image.

Just like our photography, Dale is the real deal, and together we’ve made some sick recipes over the years.

Bon appetite.