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Shoe Advert Banned for Being ’Degrading' to Women


The ASA considered that a number of scenes, such as the opening shot of a topless blonde woman with the phrase “FANCY A PAIR?” shown on screen and the shot with a woman in her underwear on all fours with the product on her back, were sexually suggestive and that for most of the video the women danced in a seductive manner.

— ASA Spokesperson

“We considered that in the ads the men were portrayed in a manner viewers were likely to interpret to mean that they were successful, suave and aspirational.”

“In contrast, we considered the women to have been portrayed in a subservient position - for example, throughout the video the men remained fully clothed, whereas the women wore either only a nude coloured thong or a lingerie set.”


Because the ads were sexist, degrading to women, and objectifying women, ASA considered that they were likely to cause serious and widespread offence. They concluded they were therefore in breach of the code and banned all images and videos to be taken down.

Now we’re not saying we disagree with the ASA and their godly views, far from it. However, there are a couple of things we need to get off our mortal chests.

What some people don't understand is that when a creative sits down and decides to create something whether that be a brand, a piece of music or whatever, they’re inspired by the world around them and that doesn’t stop at colours and shapes. In other words, culture shapes creativity. We see it all the time in music in the charts day in day out exactly the same as what is in the Goodwin Smith video.

Maybe because it’s visual it hits people harder than if they’re listening to it?

When we set out to create the Goodwin Smith brand, we took a shoe company with a youthful male target audience and looked at the culture which they immersed themselves in.

Goodwin Smith SS16 Campaign

Goodwin Smith SS16 Campaign

There are no rules you have to follow, or people you have to look like to wear a pair of Goodwin Smith shoes, you just have to enjoy life, get stuck in and take the occasional risk. Those that wear Goodwin shoes are ambitious, aspirational and love to socialise with friends at the best parties and with the hottest girls. With a pair of Goodwins on your feet, there’s no need to go home after work, they will see you through from day to night. 

Right down to the strap line “Bucking Good Shoes”

Goodwin Smith AW14 Campaign

Goodwin Smith AW14 Campaign

Goodwin Smith AW15 Campaign

Goodwin Smith AW15 Campaign

*****SPOILER ALERT******

This “Lad Culture” is all around us whether we like it or not and it’s here to stay. There are lads up and down the country on stag-do’s in bars, acting loud and having a laugh; you know the ones we mean. There are strippers working nights everyday in every city across the UK, actually, around the globe. In all of those strip clubs there is a group of lads out on a night out having a “Bucking Good Time”. 

Now the ASA might not want to acknowledge it. They might want to wrap you up in cotton wool and tell you to look away and pretend the real world doesn’t exist but here at Tim Marner we like to believe in real people, real culture and real brands to represent each one. 

Remember kids. 

Practice safe design: Use a concept.

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