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How to do a Viral Brand Campaign


There are no rules you have to follow, or people you have to look like to wear a pair of Goodwin Smith shoes, you just have to enjoy life, get stuck in and take the occasional risk. Those that wear Goodwin shoes are ambitious, aspirational and love to socialise with friends at the best parties and with the hottest girls. With a pair of Goodwins on your feet, there’s no need to go home after work, they will see you through from day to night... go on son!

Goodwin Smith’s new Autumn Winter 17 range has landed and that called for one thing... a new campaign that would get them noticed. Their new range is bursting with style, texture and colours oozing with the GS signature attitude and swag. With each new season comes the launch of a new GS campaign... 

Below is a little insight into how we made it happen...


Above: Behind-the-scenes images showing the creation of the set build for the project.


Every successful project starts with a great idea followed through by an even greater ass team. We first spit balled ideas for about a month back and forth with the GS team which we eventually developed through to sketches. From the sketches we followed this through by producing 3D pre-visuals in photoshop, which we pre-lit to test colours and then sent to GS to sign off.

Pretty much nailed this first time and the visuals was signed off (easy when you understand the brand your working on).

After building, we dressed and styled the set with the help from our friends at CeeGraphics. On the day we used continuous lighting alongside a movable parabolic umbrella and captured the campaign using a medium format camera for photos and our Craig Charlton's bitch ass Red Scarlet 5k for the video.

Massive big up to our friend music producer KUARTZ for coming and laying down some beatz for the models to get in the right mind set. Music is such an important part to the shoots we do, it creates the right atmosphere for the story we are trying to portray.

We spent a considerable amount of time retouching and grading the photos and videos after to create the cinematic contrasty effect you’ll see below.

Above: Some of the final images from the campaign.


Confident and self assured, and able to walk into any room, in any situation and guarantee to turn heads. The Welcome to the Club campaign we created was about looking good and knowing it. People say women love magnetic appeal and raw animal magnetism, as well as the funny and charming personality. Well if that’s true it looks like we’ve nailed this little badger for our friends at Goodwin. 

Click here to see more images from the campaign on our photography site.

Caution: Click here for the explicit version of the viral video campaign.


All the cool guys are wearing them and all the sexy girls want to be dating the cool guys that wear them. Just call it the Tim Marner effect we created. There are two videos from the campaign, one a little more explicit than the other which only becomes apparent in watershed hours on Goodwin Smiths website. 

The only thing better than watching this British men’s footwear brand grow into the diamond that it is today would be the fact that we were right next to them every step of the way to witness the whole thing. 

Inject the Tim Marner effect into your brand below.

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