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Manchester Photographer, Fashion Photographer Manchester, Commercial Photographer Manchester

Manchester Photographer A good commercial and fashion photographer can make all the difference.

You can't arrange to meet someone, if you don't really know what they look like. You can never trust someone, without seeing them. Without AN exceptional MANCHESTER photographER, you're stuck. 

It's one of the most important things in branding, in advertising and in marketing. Without photography or a manchester photographer which truly represents who and what you are, you won't be remembered, you won't be trusted, and you won't be chosen. And you just won't be liked. Ask yourself, would you rather be friends with the faceless corporation, and that trusted home brand who's been in your life for years? It's all about perceptions. Be open, be honest, and show people who you are and what to expect. They'll come knocking right away then. 


Art Direction

There's no stone left unturned when it comes to my art direction. I don't even need caffeine, I'm that wide awake on set, making sure everyone is happy, ensuring everything is where it should be, helping everyone understand what's going on, and just getting the best out of the whole day. Places please everyone, let's make some magic happen.


Press PhotographER

When you've worked with me, people do want to know you, and will be getting in touch. It'll be like being a bit famous. You'll be asked to be featured in newspapers and magazines, so you're going to need a great, exclusive manchester photographer to capture your brand, and of yourself, just for those special press appearances.


Advertising PhotographER

What makes up most of every single advert you see? The photograph. That image that sticks in your mind for hours and hours. Something which makes you stop and just go... wow. It could be clever, it could be sexy, it could be clever, it could be hilarious. Whatever it is, it will be memorable. 



Fashion PhotographER

Stunning models, gorgeous scenery, pretty faces, sexy clothing. I love my job. You can't just stick an item of clothing on a mannequin anymore. Not unless the mannequin is on the moon, or somewhere amazing like that. Instead, you're just going to need a fabulous fashion photographer Manchester for your products and brand aren't you?


Architectural PhotographER

A building is not really just a building. It can be anything you want it to be. A luxurious castle, a sleek skyscraper, or a comfortable home. It just takes some amazing architectural photography Manchester to transform a building into your wildest dreams. 



I'm very snap happy and love a good photo op. I'm also great at it, and combined with my art direction prowess, always get the best out of my subjects. A great commercial photographer should capture the mood and spirit and really get inside the subject. Why not let me pop in for a brew and I’ll show you some of my photo albums... and maybe my holiday snaps, if you’re very lucky.