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Tim and Gladstone Gentleman's Grooming CEO Yezzan Khalil

Tim and Gladstone Gentleman's Grooming CEO Yezzan Khalil

The Boys from Duke

The Boys from Duke





“It was inspirational to meet Tim and chat through how I can rebrand my rather niche wedding photography business to make it more about my style, and what makes me tick.  I'd tried so hard and so many ways to reach my ideal clients and not many people had 'got' what I do on the first meeting. 

I wish I'd met him 12 months earlier.  Seriously.  This man knows his stuff. Be prepared for 'boisterous' and 'in your face' when you meet the team here.  You'll leave with a smile on your face.

With a renewed sense of optimism it's onwards and upwards for Rocking Weddings. "


Golfin Mag

"So Tim has a new website, unsurprisingly he asked if I could give him a testimonial to mark the big occasion and beyond. Of course I said yes, but being very busy and working stacked hours a couple of weeks went by and I still hadn’t got round to writing it. When I spoke to Tim a couple of weeks later he didn’t mention the testimonial at all and actually decided to take the afternoon off and come and meet me, nip out have a wander and chat about the birds and the bees…. Or something like that!
Since the start of the business, there have been good times and the not so good times, I’m sure everyone has been there, but right from inception it was Tim I turned to, firstly in an effort to create a brand like no other, then as an ongoing source of information and brand direction. This most recent time was to just take time out from the busy schedule and ‘chill’, during our conversations a lot of things were put into perspective, and as a result the brand direction reemphasized and re-energised once again. Throughout the course of the afternoon there was no mention of the testimonial whatsoever, and so the reason why I ended writing this wonderful array of words for you is not because I have been asked to, nor because I particularly wanted to waffle on for a number of paragraphs either, but because I felt I owed it to the man, the man whom without his insight we could never have got this far in the first place, a person that goes the extra mile and beyond for his clients.
Trust me when I say, if you believe and trust Tim Marner with your business or concept then you will go for many extra miles than you could have possibly imagined too!"


Room 14 Menswear

“Tim has worked with us in a creative role since the summer of 2012 across a wide range of projects from re-designing our store e-commerce website through to full photo shoots for our brand collections.

From the first time Caroline & myself met Tim, he instantly knew where to take Room 14 Menswear as brand but more importantly understood what we were about as a business and appreciated what we’d already established on our own. 

With Tim’s pedigree, enthusiasm and fresh ideas we knew we were in the right hands when it came to taking Room 14 Menswear on to the next level and on to a bigger audience. His advice and work ethic have been invaluable and so far Caroline and myself have been really happy with his work. Not only because the quality is so good but because we can see our business progressing even in the short-time Tim’s been involved with us.

We can’t wait to see what’s in-store for 2014 and what Tim’s got in mind for Room 14 but one thing’s for sure it’s going to be one hell of a ride!” 


Oldham Chronicle

"Working alongside Tim with his clients in the Oldham Chronicle has been so successful. His latest campaign for Mossley Tax Shop re-brand has become the talk of the town not only just with our readers but also in our offices there's nobody doing it just quite like Tim."


The Spa - Hale Country Club

"Every business should have the equivalent of a Tim marner at there side, I highly recommend Tim to anyone interested in building and enduring a strong market presence, brand and a professional website design."


Julia Knightley

"I had a vision of where I wanted my business to be, and an idea about its identity but I couldn't articulate it or visualise it, plus I had no idea what the hell I was doing!  I needed help and I needed it fast, cue Tim Marner and the elite team (AKA saveyourfrigginlifeteam). From the start of the project and way beyond, Tim and the guys have been amazing! He just knew exactly where I was coming from, my style, my audience, etc! Now I have an amazing successful business that truly reflects everything I envisaged and more! This, I believe, is down to Tim! I don't know where I'd be now without their help! (Actually I do, probably at the Job Centre!). I can't thank them enough, if you're looking for your business to be truly unique and successful you will not get better direction than from Tim Marner, three small words sum it all up, bloody fantastic darling."


Area 5 Fitness

"I decided to work with Tim when he walked into my studio, told me to change the colour scheme and lose some pictures on the walls. He was right. I already had plenty of work on but after that decided to work with Tim to market & brand myself better. After tweaking my logo came the website with my own photo shoot & images. When the website was live, Tim sat down with me telling me how to utilise it properly, blogging and using certain keywords resulting in me taking more clients on. It doesn't stop there, he's always looking to the next project to help push my brand. I admire the way Tim works with small independent businesses like myself and not just the big corporate firms."


Mossley Tax Shop

"When Tim first came to us as a client he was honest in telling us that our slightly boring and out-of-date branding was not on par with all the fabulous things he’d heard about our different way of doing things here at Mossley Tax Shop… It was at this point that the deal was made: We sorted Tim’s tax, Tim sorted our branding… And WOW aren’t we glad this deal happened! He has completely modernised our look with his eccentric and wonderful notions of what Mossley Tax Shop should look like to the public eye, based on who we are as individuals and as a business. 

So THANKYOU Tim for being such a cool guy and giving us the opportunity to be where we are today! We would recommend Tim to any business that is stuck in the same boring rut and would love a completely fresh and unique look with the best website design ever… Believe us when we say it has worked miracles and business is booming!"


Maria Patricia

"They don't make them like Tim anymore… "broke the mould" as they say. This is a guy we met up to have a tattoo removal at our clinic. For some reason, he took an interest in us. Started giving us ideas on improving our business, getting more exposure and expanding. Everything he said was good, he kept pushing, nudging us along to implement changes he advised, even came to update and chat on the progress late one evening I thought to myself, there must be an angle here... That's the whole point with Tim, there is no angle. He IS pure and simple a really nice, generous, extremely talented guy. Within days the changes he suggested to our website, appearance and image are bearing fantastic results Tim's profile pic embodies what he is, and what I will aspire to... honest, caring, generous as well as professional, intelligent, and a trustworthy friend. Blessed to know him, a real gem."


Heart for Art

"We were two months in, things were going very well for a brand new tattoo studio. Confidence was slowly growing within the business and so was our clientele. We were completely happy with the way things were going at this point. Then we met Tim Marner.

We did our usual bespoke consultation and started his very unique and inspiring sleeve work. During our regular 'Tat and Talk' sessions we bonded well with on both creative and personal levels. Coming from a tattooist, its rare to work with someone with similar creative outlook that doesn't piss you off. Tim saw more potential in us than we ever would have. This resulted in his personal interest transforming our (once) little studio in the small town of Mossley into the most talked about, newly established Tattoo and Mural studios to come out of Greater Manchester. With thanks to an amazing website with unbelievable content, branding and social networking tools, some of which helped massively along by some of Tims friends with mad skills (you know who you are!).

It doesn't stop there. We are constantly bouncing off each other with amazing new projects to launch us into world domination. Honestly if I wasn't so stubborn I'd let him loose on the whole project and the company would be EVEN MORE better off (but NO Tim, I won't shoot a porno in my studio haha).

We are now (still only) nine months in. In these nine short months we have made astonishing progress,  groundbreaking discoveries about what we are capable of and finally, one shit hot brudda called Tim!! (and thats from the HEART)"


We are just Mike Emmett

"I approached Tim after he was highly recommended by several creative agencies in Manchester, for his experience, outstanding creative and ability to set the bar with fresh ideas, styles and thinking.

I needed a definition, a brand that stood out as original, pure and authentic. Crucially, I wanted to capture a mixture of heritage, clean design and originality and get across my character clearly, whilst retaining a classic look and feel.

Tim grasped the essence of the brand first time, leading to the traditional ‘print press’ style. Coupling this with an iconic and simplistic Helvetica family font and utilising the negative space amongst greys and black, he really brought the brand to life. The extent and flexibility to which this can now be developed and interpreted digitally and across a host of devices, lends to a brand that is timeless and will always remain exclusive.

Tim’s appetite for the project was first class. He delivered within each timeframe as per the schedule and was always on hand to make quick amendments.

The fact he’s a nice chap just made the process even easier."


BOOST Online

"Dear Mr. Marner

I dont know where to start from?

You are just full of magic! In just a phone call and few simple email exchanges, you have given birth to my baby! I knew from the moment we spoke and looking at your reference that I would be surprised by your work but this is over over my expectations!! 

Thank you so so so much!!!!!

The professional logo design is fantastic and really express what I had in mind and really match the meaning of BOOSST and the graphic ... Just wow! 

I know you probably always get this kind of response but it is the first time for me. 

BOOSST will become a very very important brand on the web and that by having you with us! I really look forward to a life long cooperation with you and will never been able to thank you enough for what you’ve done for us.

Again, thank you so much for making this happen 

Speak very soon and wish you a very good rest." 


BJ Hampson

"One Awesome Testimonial, for One Awesome Guy. 

His name is Tim Marner. He is the brand man, the one who seemingly knows it all. And you know what? He does. I first met Tim about a year ago, and he’s pretty much transformed my life since then. I really don’t know where I’d be without him. If there was no Tim Marner, I wouldn’t have my own successful copywriting business, and wouldn’t be manager and partner of an international company. I’d be nowhere. 

If there was no Tim Marner, the world would be a duller, much more mundane place to live. Tim’s vision lights up any idea, and his expertise and dedication to a brand ensures that no stone is left unturned as he works his magic and creates some incredible, masterpiece products, logos, designs and people. Tim could take anything, and make it awesome, just like that. 

His mind never stops whirring, his ideas are extravagant and his work is astounding. He’s broken out of every box imaginable to bring an utterly unique way of thinking, framing and promoting superb creativity. He’s engaging, loyal, and a true gentleman, who I’d probably trust my life to. He is THAT good. He’s ‘double awesome."


Response 100

“Tim was recommended to me by one of his other clients, and after chatting through my requirements with him I felt confident that he could help me deliver a great website. Tim made the site development process pain free and provided good ideas and support every step of the way. His combination of creativity, technical ability and enthusiasm certainly helped me to generate a site that I would never have thought possible.”


Mr Mole Man

"I asked Tim Marner to overhaul my web presence, and was delighted with what I got. The new logo is spot on, I am now communicating as a confident online brand presence, as one part of the marketing mix. The theme is exactly what I wanted, and instead of just handing out my business card, I actively encourage customers new and old to go to my website. Mr Mole Man has graduated but with style and great expectations. It’s not just my customers who are more informed, but I am too and I know exactly how the site is performing. Tim’s enthusiasm shines through in the work he delivers."


The Pet and Animal Photographer

"I knew I had a passion for pets and photography but needed to communicate my portfolio online, that dream didn’t materialise until Tim Marner wielded his creative talent, producing a logo of sublime quality, on a clean fresh site with easy navigation. Tim is brilliant at what he does, and yes I am underplaying the emphasis here, but I am 100% satisfied with the delivery. In a bang for bucks scenario Tim is value for money. I deliver my business cards with pride, knowing that I am directing the potential customer to a site of pure beauty. Don’t go elsewhere, have the Tim Marner experience, and be amazed."


Wrightlux Interiors

Tim's not for the faint hearted he is so energetic and exudes positivity it really is quite infectious. If you have a vision of how you want your logo, website or whatever it maybe, Tim will make it a reality; I'm not sure how he does it, it's like him stepping into your mind and pulling every thought and idea you have and laying it out in front of you with an added touch of magic straight from his soul.

I don't mind admitting, I had a little cry after our inital conversation, so grateful was I that I found this man who genuinely cared, was so patient and put his heart and soul into making my website, not just look fantastic, but work as a business tool too. I told Tim exactly what I wanted and how different I wanted the website to be compared to other people in my field. I think you'll agree, Tim's achieved this hands down!

Thank you with lots of gratitude - my creative guru!"


I-M Mad Clothing

"Tim, you are the most incredible find! 

Efficient and knowledgeable with a great attitude and a desire to go way beyond the call of duty. 

You truly are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to having the honour again in the near future."


Hornby Garden Designs

“Tim has taken the creative brief and produced a fantastic piece of work.

His enthusiasm and belief are boundless, as is his ability to produce a professional piece of work. Tim goes that extra mile, training is part and parcel of the experience and technical support is only an email away.

My brand has become energetic, down to earth and professional thanks to Tim Marner.

I will be working with Tim in the future. No doubt.”


Cia Paulista MMA Association

"Jesus Tim... you have out done yourself! 

My initial feedback is thats really amazing... I'm so happy!. I love the look, texture and will make for a great logo, the illustration is freaking amazing.

Thanks again for you help! I will definitely contact you once I get the feedback from the fighters in the next few days. 

Lovely to work and meet you."