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Video Production Manchester

VIDEO PRODUCTION Take five on the sofa and crack open the M&M’s.

Sometimes you don't have to take a date on an extravagant night out, and fight to get their attention all evening. Sometimes, you just need the perfect night in. 

And to appeal to your date on that perfect night in, you need to put something incredible on the TV. A great viral video advert, a sexy little promotional number, or a quirky little animated video. Whatever it is, you need to make sure you have a top notch video production company in Manchester to storyboard, script and make you something that not only sums up exactly what your brand is about, it also looks absolutely incredible. So much so, that you might actually jump up off the sofa and scatter popcorn and chocolate everywhere. Don't say I didn't warn you. 


Web video production

You've seen the talking dog right? The dancing kitty? How about that hilarious kid jumping out on people? That's all people do in their free time now, watch YouTube videos and other viral footage online. Let's take your brand viral with a far out there video, a promotional video that you want to share immediately, or some video testimonials which will have customers clambering to the phone to get in touch. 


We've all done it. We've all wondered what we would look like as a cartoon avatar. Be honest; you've imagined some kind of superhero haven't you? Animated videos are so much more than fantasy indulgence. They can bring your website or your advert to life, literally jumping off the page. 

Corporate / Broadcast video production

Just because you're a big evil corporation, it doesn't mean you can't have a fun, sexy or extravagant video you know. I don't discriminate. We can spice up your business with a tasty little informational video, offer entertaining video training productions or just a nice little promotional piece. Whatever takes your fancy really, just pick up the remote and choose. 

Music videos / Promos

There's no reason why you're feet can't be tapping along when you're sat on the sofa watching TV. That's why we just love music videos. Not only does the footage we've filmed make you stop and stare, your ears prick up and listen to that awesome music as well. You're not still dreaming. You've woken from your nap. This really is amazing. 

Video for events

Don't trust your memory. It plays trick on you. Honest. When you do want to remember something, weeks, months or years later, kick back with some comfy cushions and just watch it all over again. We get down into the trenches at events, festivals and parties to film and record the true story of those special occasions.

Viral Marketing

There are some truly great viral ads out there, and if you haven’t seen the Do the Test ad for Transport for London, you really should. And that ad sort of sums me up really – it’s easy to miss something you weren’t looking for, and as I offer so much more than you’d think, maybe you’ll find something different with me that works for you. But let’s be honest, you’re probably not reading this now and are busy looking up the Do the Test ad. I understand the attraction to moonwalking dancing bears.