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Web Design Bolton The first place you look for information

OK, you can be spotted in a crowded bar, you stand out. Good. But how do people know which bar you're going to be in. How does your soulmate track you down and find the one they are looking for?

Your brand and your product needs to be found. It's that awesome, people need to know where to look for it, and how to get. In the big digital world we live in, that's done by pretty much one main thing. You fire up a huge engine that searches right across the world, looking in millions of places to find what you need. A search engine. To get to the top of that search engine, so you're the first, most important, most prominent, best looking prospective date, you need some great digital marketing. Hence why you're here. 


Responsive Web Design

It doesn't talk back to you, no, sadly not. We're not quite there with robots and computers who can think for themselves. You'll have enough new customers talking to you anyway, after they've seen your responsive website looking great on their big computer, their small computer, on their smart phone, and on their tablet. One site, that fits all devices perfectly. 

Mobile Websites

Good things come in small packages. That's what my Mum told me, and turns out, she was right! The little things matter more than anything, when over 50% of internet traffic comes from a mobile device. People like to be mobile, so your website needs to be mobile with them.

Social Media Marketing

It’s not just about poking and tweeting (or looking up an ex to see if they have become more/less attractive, or indeed are now with someone more/less attractive than you...). Social media is a great platform for communication and I appreciate the potential this has. I also have 1000 REAL Facebook friends. True story.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It sounds very scientific. I nearly blew up my school during science class. Thankfully, optimising your website for search engines doesn't require random formulas or mixed chemicals. It's just about telling Google that these are your keywords, and this is what you're all about. 

Content Management Systems (CMS)

You've impressed your date on a number of occasions, but then now, you're going somewhere special. You can't turn up in the same outfit you keep wearing. You need to look fresh and have a new look. Your website needs this too. You can't have the same stuff on there year in, year out. You ned fresh new content, great new products and brand spanking new features. To change these yourselves, all you need is an easy to navigate and responsive content management system. Tweak away to your heart's content. It's just like making sure your hair is looking perfect for that big occasion.


Why go out in horrible weather and terrible traffic just to stand in a long queue. Kick back with your date with a nice brew, or a cheeky wine, and do your shopping online! More and more people do, so  you're going to want a website with a fantastic Ecommerce feature, so you can reach out to people at home, and bring your products straight to them. 

Email Marketing Systems

294 billion emails are sent worldwide each day. Incredible! I’ll make sure yours stay in their inbox and not be deleted in favour of a forwarded email with pictures of dogs playing snooker by employing the same great design skills and unique creativity I do to my other projects.