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thats one hale of a handsome site

A long time ago, in a countryside not so far away, a new website was born. After nearly a years worth of swollen fingers, intense back pain, migraine central and weird midnight cravings, the Marner Midwives helped to deliver into this world a website that is set to be the best looking little bugger this side of like… FOREVER.

Now the handsome rascal has been delivered, we can finally lay our insomnia-riddled nights to rest, and start to enjoy life with our new family addition. Does this tiny sucker have a name? We present to you…


love @ first site

Having nurtured this baby to life and held its hand for the first 12 months, we managed to deliver a user friendly, interactive website for the ultimate spa and fitness destination. In a period of narrow-mindedness, a time when everybody is doing exactly the same thing, we were asked to think outside of the mosses basket and do something a little different. We were like "HALE yeah, lets do this”. Our task was made a little easier as the Hale brand already had great genes. But what’s great DNA without a genuine mothers love? Call us bias parents, but he really has got the most amazing members lounge, the most delightful class booking system and the brightest restaurant reservation software that you ever did see.


a face only a mother could love

Here at Tim Marner we have mastered the art of potty training. We love it when an idea evolves from a liquid visual and into a solid product that both our clients and ourselves fall in love with. I’m talking like on a love scale of 1-10, we are going all out 12 for this kid. So after what has seemed like 3 billion hours of patience, an erratic hormone pattern, 2,158 double espresso’s and countless sleepless nights, we present to you this forever growing, evolving all singing all dancing, beauty of a site. You want the world for your business right? Well we are here to help you grow every step of the way. Now that’s what makes us the daddy.