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And like many benevolent and well meaning kings, when you open yourself up to the world, sometimes the world will be out to get you. As it was with Russell Treasure.  He had risen to the top of my game, and was extremely successful. 1 Aston Martin, 2 Lamborghinis, 2 Bentley's and a handful of Lotus', and a house that oozed luxuries that made bragging about them a daily ritual. Not to mention his flying licence, but thats another story. This is before the universe said that it just wasn’t meant to be. Circumstances combined, betrayal close to home hit Russell hard, and ultimately, he fell from his throne. But it was only in that deepest, darkest, moment. Alone and on the edge, that the true soul is exposed and a connection can truly be established. Saved by meditation, and an intervention of sorts, he discovered that there was something more to the world. There was another way of helping people. A way to help people connect. And it was then, in that instant, exposed to anything and yet free from everything, that he discovered his true purpose in life - connective healing.



What is connective healing? Exactly. Russell sells something that is so unique of an offering that our main challenge was for people to understand what it is that they are getting. A mind coach, someone who can help you along the way with anxiety, stress, help you relax, unwind and show you how to unblock certain emotional and physical blockages to be the better you. Whatever you believe in, Russell Treasure will help you understand and accept. Pitching at different levels, you may accept the scientific explanation of connecting to higher brain power, or the spiritual explanation that it is the unlocked potential of your inner self. The avatar is not just a crown. It’s part of the spiritual triangle, simulating a lay line that connects the energy of the world. It’s part of a circle, unifying the earth, encircling people, and connecting the universe together. Or it’s a representation of the empower disc, a symbol of the healer holding hands with people to help them connect. It’s whatever you want it to be. It’s the power and the connective points to make change happen.



Russell's branding was exactly what we wanted it to be. It’s the power and the connective points to make change happen. As befits the importance of the personality, Russell Treasure’s name is bold and prominent on the logo, the first thing your eyes will take in. But separating the names, is something unique, something attractive, something which draws you in and makes you wonder. It channels your energy, connecting your brain, and makes you want to know more. Just like the work of Russell Treasure. It’s a crown, a head held high, emulating the king that Russell Treasure is. There is something quite mysterious about Russell and his practice and what he is so blessed to be able to do and so this branding was probably one of our more challenging. Now? Russell is booked across the North West engaging in seminars promoting his practice, offers his Free Yourself classes and has welcomed a flood of new clients.