Ad of the Month : HSBC New Advert Talks Brexit with a Cheeky Richard Ayoade

Published in Adverts on Jan 19, 2018 by Tim Marner

The world’s local bank took aim at Brexit in it’s new advert and managed to do so without actually saying the big B word.

Named and titled Global Citizen the spot features Richard Ayoade who talks us through some of the great imports the UK has taken from the continent over the years.

It’s not hard to guess the bank’s position but the advert isn’t heavy or over political. It’s an enjoyable break from the war between the remain and leave camps, which leaves us feeling positive rather than glum.

“we are not an island, we are part of something far, far bigger”


Agency: JWT

Creative director: Mike Watson

Creatives: James Humphries, Craig Hunt

Production company: Gorgeous

Director: Chris Palmer

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