Barbershop Branding

Published in Branding on Feb 21, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Grooming for Gentlemen

A gentleman opens doors for a lady, A gentleman walks closest to the curb, A gentleman is punctual, A gentleman gives her his jacket.

Family and above all manners are something that 24 year old boxer and barber Yezzan Khalil holds close to his chest. This creative chap came to us with his passion for cutting hair and a buzz that he gets from seeing his clients faces after that fresh new cut.

All that being said it was a no brainer as to what foundations this brand would be based around, old school boxing ethics, honesty, reliability, courteousness, manners, and caring about each and every person that walks into his barbershop.

Keeping it Classy

Gladstone's founder Yaz came to us with his eye on a cool listed building and his brief was "Give me a brand that will fit right in there".

We hung our hat on the traditional values that he held and the simple gesture of giving up your seat for someone of which seems to be missed so often these days. With a twist of vintage boxing a sprinkle of steam punk and a nod to the famous pin up era, Gladstone Gentleman's Grooming was born.

Glad' He's Done it

Since Gladstone's has been let loose amongst the saturated bearded tattooed barbers, we have proudly seen them have pop up shops in House of Fraser, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols as well as bringing out their own product range. The Gladstone boxing barber boy brothers are looking into investing in their second shop already, but what has made this venture so successful is them sticking to their branding roots and what they believe in. Combining this with The Khalil brothers skills you have yourself a brand that will be around forever.

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