Contract Cars | A Thing Of Beauty And Power

Published in Branding on Mar 01, 2018 by Tim Marner™


Contract Cars came to us at the start of last year with a problem. They were raking in the sales but didn’t have the brand or website they needed to take them to the next level. We came in and gave them a full-scale re-brand and built them a bespoke new website.

We Saw Him Visibily Relax!

The creative team got busy and thought up brand mascot Orto the owl and created a brand which really connected with the customers. Open, friendly and reliable.Whilst the creative team were busy thinking about the different aspects of the brand our digital team were busy as well.

Cleverly utilizing the new branding, we integrated a fully working brand mascot that you can interact with and talk to for more information or ask specific questions, to a fully working filter system that breaks down your search results into miles and deposits and all the other little bits I’m not going to bore you with.

Let Us Help!

As a business why wouldn't you get a leg up on the competition? You might have a sales team that can close a deal, but if your clientele don't know about your website or can't get past the first impression of your brand, then as a business you’ll never be able to go to the next level. 

So let us give you the tools to get past that first impression. We can build you your own beautifully designed E-Commerce website and give you a re-brand which changes the way your customers think about you. Who knows, the phone call to us might be the start of you reaching that new goal you've got for this year!

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