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Published in Branding on Feb 08, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Another design world shock after Lufthansa has announced the update of Otl Aicher’s classic identity. To be fair they haven't gone full scale redesign, this is more an update and refinement on the previous ident to a sleeker more digital friendly version.

“Lufthansa has been defined almost equally by the colours yellow and blue.”

The branding see’s Lufthansa’s classic yellow and blue colour scheme stripped right back. Rather than the 50:50 split we’ve seen in previous Lufthansa designs, it now splits it 75:25. Utilising a deeper blue which has a luxury feel as the lead colour, whilst the yellow will now be an accent colour and feature on signage and detailing.

“We knew that if we wanted to develop further in the premium direction, we would have to give more emphasis to one of the colours,”

Aicher’s original introduction of a warmer yellow to the colour scheme was to make the airline appear more approachable and seem friendlier to prospective passengers. But with budget airlines such as Ryanair, now bust Monarch, Fly Scoot using yellow as a way of seeming friendlier it’s fair to say that Lufthansa new premium blue is meant to pull them away from these airlines and place them with more premium airlines such as British Airways and Air France.

One of the main reasons for the updated identity was the lack of clarity and consistency the brand had on digital. 

The logo didn’t transfer well to smaller screens as the gap between the feathers was too small and the company was forced to use Arial instead of Helvetica on digital. To combat this the Lufthansa mark was redrawn and the logotype remade with an original typeface Lufthansa Sans. This gave the logo more clarity and stopped the conflict of Helvetica vs Arial with all type being converted to Lufthansa Sans.

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