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Published in Branding on Feb 21, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Knocked Down 7, Stand up 8

Everyone gets knocked down. Some more times than others. It’s not about why we failed or how we hit the ground; what matters is how we get back up again: how we dust ourselves off, and how we Stay Tough. When you’re staring in the face of adversity and you just think you can’t go on, sometimes that’s when you get your most inspiring thoughts. And so it was that Stay Tough was founded in the face of a challenge. 

Time for a Change

Our client was standing in the gym one day and it became clear that some of the equipment just wasn’t doing the job it should. Many pieces were claiming to do this and help with that, but most of them just weren’t delivering. They weren’t supporting the goals of their users. They weren’t helping people to succeed. A change was needed if people wanted to do some serious training. It was time to throw out the old, pretentious machines that were designed to make posers look good, rather than actually doing them any real good. And so we created Stay Tough. A no messing gym equipment manufacturer with balls. 

A Great 'Fit'

Some things are subtle. Becoming fit, getting strong, and staying tough isn’t. It’s large, bold and obvious, because you need to commit to this state of mind if you want to succeed and achieve your goals. There’s no hiding, no pretentiousness; the logo tells you exactly what you need to know. The Stay is in a softer, white font; it’s giving a command that you already know is something you need to do, so it doesn’t need to be shoved in your face. But the Tough is in a bigger, fatter, bold black font. It’s serious, and it needs emphasising, because being tough is difficult, and you’ll need help to stay in that state of mind. 

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