New Logo, Identity, and Uniforms for RBSF

Published in Branding on Mar 13, 2018 by Tim Marner™

New Logo, Identity, and Uniforms for RBSF by Henk Willems and Jelena Peeters

Koninklijke Belgische Snelschaats Federatie (KBSF for short; Royal Belgian Speedskating Federation in English and RBSF for short) is the Belgian national body responsible for skating events at national and international level. They decided to sort out their old and very dated identity, deciding to get in designers Henk Willems & Jelena Peeters, the former also happens to be a speed skater for Belgium.

"The design uses a specific set of graphical patterns as a visual metaphor for the speed and power of the Belgian speed skating athletes. Layers of vibrant colours and shapes create a flexible style that is inspired by the ambition of our top athletes to be the best. A logo-set of four different logos was created. The basic shape is based upon the actual shape a speedskater takes while skating. The ‘B’ also refers to Belgium. Combined with a robust, stylish typeface, this approach future-proofs the identity, allowing it to evolve without abandoning its roots."

Henk Willems

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