Technology Branding For Techolony

Published in Branding on Feb 21, 2018 by Tim Marner™


After we looked at the work ethic, the family connection and the technology side of this business, the idea of a central hub and the colony of nano-ants was straight forward choice. Techolony is corporate with a difference, as much as colony is about a force of workers it’s also about family. A place where you’re welcomed with with a warm smile and an embrace, leave your handshakes at door. No attitudes or corporate politics allowed either , just solid work effort. If you're interested in working with our pals at Techolony, click here to hit their website and see what they can do for you.


Handcrafted Typeface, Very Nice.

We created a nano-ant avatar, playing on the colony idea and the idea of Techolony as the hub of the nano-ants. Technology can be a scary and complex thing so a big thing with this brand was keeping it quite minimal and simple looking and hopefully more human and inviting. We did this by using a rounded geometric humanist typeface, hand-crafted by ourselves and keeping a black and white colour scheme with a gold highlight colour for the bigger clients.

Real News & Live Updates

Next up was a website to complete the look. We hooked it up to a feed from BBC News, a Twitter feed and linked these to the Techolony blog this helped bring the site to life so you know you’re always getting the latest news. Next up we outlined the service that techolony has to offer and helped point people in the direction of sister site The Mind Tree, which offers training courses in anything you can think off.

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