Tre Amici

Published in Branding on Sep 10, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Three Singing Friends from Hull

Tre Amici are from the middle of nowhere, far across the tracks, and outside of the box. A place where the grass is not so greener with award-winning fish and chip shops. Their accent is not impregnable, after two or three years of immersion, you should start to pick it up.

We are talking about the journey of three singing Hullensians - three lads from Hull living their lives free from rules and restrictions, free from being told what to do and at what time to do it, free from any kind of constraints. Free to Explore. 

Free to be Themselves. Free to Sing.

Tre Amici™ are all about being different, being out there and getting noticed. They don’t take themselves too seriously. Just three middle class friends from Hull, doing what they do and having the best time possible doing it.

Quirky characters, Leroy, Martin and Michael are the bandits of the opera world. When given a rule book, they turn it upside down and draw moustaches in the centre fold, because everybody loves a moustache.

They’re not afraid to test boundaries and deliver something people wouldn’t expect, because they don’t like to stand in a crowd, they like to start their own. Tre Amici don’t care about where they fit in the market, as fitting in isn’t really what they’re about. But if we must be boring ...

Tre Amici love taking people on a journey through their music, whether they are young or old, big or small, Tre Amici certainly have something special in their repertoire for everyone.  No two journeys are the same, but the outcome always is, fans forever.

Revealing the New Tre Amici Branding to the Boys.

They might seem at times like they don’t know where they’re going, or what they’re doing, with their random approach to opera. But rest assured, it’ll be an organised quest for excellence and an enjoyable adventure every step of the way for their audience.

One thing is guaranteed: their audience will always have fun, no matter what.

Behind the Scenes on the Tre Amici Photoshoot.

Our friends Tre Amici appeared on the X Factor show last night showing everybody what the true essence of branding really means.

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