5 Questions To Help Cultivate Your Personal Brand

Published in Business Direction on Apr 25, 2018 by Tim Marner™

How you present yourself on social media, in your daily life, and how others perceive you is all part of your personal brand.

But before you can present your value and passion to others, it’s a good idea to ask yourself some really important questions that will help you get your direction and journey right to success.

More importantly, you need these constant question reminders to yourself of WHY so when the times get tough and you feel like your not getting anywhere they will help you to stay the course.

1. What Makes You Feel Alive?

2. What Words Describe Your Personality?

3. How Do You Want People To Remember You?

4. What's The Main Thing That People Come To You For Advice?

5. What Are Your True Core Values?

Answer these questions honestly and it will help you to not only understand your personal brand but also help you to realise if your actually giving your audience the message and value you want to give them when posting content onto your social media platforms.

Peace 👊🏻🧔🏻

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