Master the Art of Brand Storytelling

Published in Business Direction on Apr 04, 2018 by Tim Marner™

People are getting sick of spam and impersonal brands. Give meaningful messages rather than marketing offers all the time. Not everything you post needs to be a fucking promo. 

Because of new algorithms demoting promotional and link heavy brands, REAL posts that give value have a better chance popping up in your followers feeds.

1. Fine Tune Your Social Presence

Facebook/Instagram is putting their foot down on social media tactics they see as click bait. This includes excessive tag a friend bullshit or like this post if you... malarkey, which Facebook is now seeing as little more than a cheap attempt to play the game with their algorithm.

Brands should strive to post fewer links pointing back to their site if they want to start showing up more in their followers’ feeds.

2. Repurpose Your Brand Content

Make multiple posts per day across multiple platforms. Rather than treat your content as a one and done affair, rethink the ongoing sharing potential of your blog posts. Think just a single blog post could account for dozens of posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Three posts a day across each platform is your sweet spot amigos.

3. Tag Influencers, Brands and People You Know

With so much competing content and the need for brands to stand out, sometimes your not so secret weapon is the people who are part of your network already.

4. Stop Hiding Your Personality

Don’t neglect the importance of showing off the personality behind your brand. The days of safe, suit and tie corporate branding on social media are over mutha fukas. Brands that shine on social media today are the ones that aren’t afraid to take risks to remind followers that there’s a real live human person behind their account.

It's so important to not care about what people think, don't strive for likes and instant recognition, build a brand that stands for something, get from out the closet and let your personality light you the fuck up inside and go for it sunshine because your sick as fuck.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." — Ferris Bueller

5. Stand For Something

People want to see brands take a stand on social and stand for something. When brands get real, followers have more incentive to show loyalty in response. Brands are constantly scrambling for the latest and greatest when it comes to engaging with their social followers, by sticking and being consistent with your brands values, ethics and pillars you will start to see more of this engagement.

Get your brand character right and you can do almost anything.

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