It's Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away! - Kurgan

Published in Business Direction on Mar 21, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Don't Be Content With Your Content

There should be enough content on your social to capture and keep a new or old audience and keep them gripped wanting to read more. Whether it’s the work you’ve done for clients or blog posts or a gallery of professionally shot photos, your content needs to be fresh and vibrant if you want to stand out, be relevant and outshine your competition.

Keep Your Content Funky Fresh

It’s got to be up to date. No one wants to read a blog post on how the IPhone 5 is better than the 6, when we’re pushing the IPhone 100 or whatever it is now. You wouldn’t, right?

Keep it easy to find and easy to read. If you are trying to get more work in or trying to showcase what you’ve already done, don’t hammer it everywhere. There’s nothing worse than trying to navigate through a maze of links to get to the brief someone wants to read about!

Keep It Real

Don’t be dramatic, over the top or cheesy. People can spot a mile off if something isn’t quite right, its just human intuition, so just keep it real! Get some shots of you in the now, or bring some strangers into your videos and get real world opinions. Take it back to the street; get your ear to the ground!

But Most Importantly...

Be proud of your content! Put some time and effort in to getting the stuff that interests you out there, get your name attached to the relevant topics and before you know it, you’ll be the name on everyone’s lips! ‘You read the post last night from Tim Marner, had me in stitches mate!’ – This could be you!

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