Veganuary, Stay Off The Grass!

Published in Business Direction on Jan 16, 2019 by Tim Marner™

What is all this nonsense then, Veganuary? We knew Greggs were on it and Marks and Sparks, but after a little bit of digging we found out this is actually a charity that is trying to inspire people to go Vegan throughout the year, called, you guessed it, Veganuary. Now into it’s 5th year and maybe it’s most successful, Veganuary is worth a whopping £572 Million.Five-Seven-Two Million. That’s a lot of dosh for a charity that’s only been around 5 years.

Tim Marner Veganuary 2

Tim Marner Veganuary

Where are we going with this? I suppose there are two things to consider with trends and we’ll go into more detail in these in a second. Number One, yes they can be great PR, but for a brand perhaps trends aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Number Two, don’t lose your brand ethos for a trend.

So number one, Veganuary have come up with this trend right, but nobody actually knows who they are. They’ve been submerged by the big boys like Greggs and Marks and Spencer who are all vying for the limelight, as far as brand awareness goes that’s gone out of the window. I suppose its sort of like the Ice Bucket Challenge, originally meant to raise money for charity ALS the original motive for the ice bucket challenge soon got lost as every man and his dog got lost in the excitement of drowning themselves in buckets of ice. Even at the time if I’d of asked your average Joe who ALS aren’t I’d be willing to wager most of them wouldn’t have heard of them. Just like half the kids who bought Bitcoin don’t know what the duration is of a long-term MA.

Tim Marner Veganuary

Number two, don’t forget yourself or sell yourself short for a trend. Too many times we see brands forgetting their ethos to jump on a trend. Remember trends are short lived you can only ride them for so long, but the changes and reputation you make for your business are permanent. If you’re a butcher, please for christ sake don’t endorse Veganuary because you’re gonna look a right idiot.

You don’t want to be the Bart that tried grass and it all went sour for him. Likewise, we’re not saying don’t participate in trends, or even avoid trying to start your won. What we’re saying is as business we have to be careful what trends we share and participate in. Does it represent your brand? Are you hurting others/yourself? Or even the planet? These are all valid questions to consider, believe it or not there are trends out there which have gone viral which are doing a lot of negative stuff. Cinnamon challenge has been known to cause collapsed lungs for example, whilst parent shaming can seem funny but in reality it may have long lasting impact for a child who is already low on confidence.

Finally, go out and enjoy yourself. It’s your brand have some fun with it, don’t be to scared to get involved just remember to be considerate. Your brand is just like a person, it has values, morals and speaks with a tone of voice so don’t go upsetting it.

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