Storytelling: The Key to Effective Advertising

Published in Business Direction on Sep 01, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Deakins Back-to-School Campaign

On our latest project it will come as no surprise that we dedicated a lot of time to our client Nicholas Deakins and their Deakins Kids new Back to School range so we could make this years campaign bigger and better than ever.

By combining some digital know how, fresh perspectives, and good old fashioned photo and video storytelling, we wanted our Deakins Kids campaign to stand out amongst the crowded back-to-school landscape.

We took inspiration from one of our favourite films Stand by Me and focused the campaign around 4 friends of different ages from different backgrounds and different schools and centred it around that immersed hour that they spend together every day before their journey to separate schools.

By using the hottest trends at the time like the World Cup, and Fortnite's dance moves it made the story relevant with the kids but most importantly we wanted it to connect with the parents on a different level, with a message of friendship and freedom that maybe time had forgotten, after all they are the ones that are buying the shoes, it was really them who this story is aimed at.

Listen, we are all storytellers, but you also need to be a story builder, capable of not only understanding the structure of the story but able to use it to connect the character of your brand to the people that are buying from you.

Build an emotional bridge between your brand and your consumer on your next marketing campaign by embracing the art of storytelling to better communicate your brands over all message or depict just a part of your brand's character.

Go check out the Deakins Back to School campaign on the Nicholas Deakins Facebook or go to


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