14 Year Old Girl Starts her own Clothing Brand

Published in Culture, Life & Style on Jan 27, 2019 by Tim Marner™

The older you get, there seems to be more and more pressure for you to have your shit together. You reach 21 and society expects you to have the job and career set in stone that you will have for the rest of your life but what have you experienced in such a short time to know what it is that you want to do for the rest of your life? You hit 30 and it’s house, car and picket fence... with marriage and kids round the corner... What the fuck happened?

Now is the Time

The truth is there is never a ‘right time’ for it all to make sense, but what we do know is that the sooner you can start the journey to discovering what your ‘thing’ is... the better.

Here’s our Advice and it’s Two Kind of Simple Steps

Step 1: Ask yourself the following 3 questions...

Question 1: What do you LOVE doing, without even thinking about it too much, It might not be the thing you find the easiest but it’s the thing that gives you those nervous butterflies and you got to make a dart for the nearest toilet (you know that feeling)

Question 2: What are you REALLY good at. It might not be your favourite thing, but you ace it every time and it’s easy for you

Question 3: What do THEY say your strength is and by ‘they’ we mean those you closest to you. The ones you surround yourself with the most, that know you the best. You might be incredibly talented at something and not even know it yourself

Step 2: Now take your answer from question one and ask yourself how you can combine it with the answer to question 2 by using the strengths you have identified from question 3.

Power in Numbers

In today’s society it’s apparent that children whos parents support them and let them pursue what they love (even if that means not necessarily ‘fitting in’) are the ones that will be successful but more importantly happy.

Take our recent client... 14 year old Paris Evis. Paris came to see us from a client recommending she come in for a Free Fridays mentoring session. She came with her mum, nervous and shy but not afraid to be herself.

Instantly we saw great potential in Paris and she expressed the same values as us. Wanting to stand for something different. Wanting to create a reputation and a legacy that was built to last and stood on the foundations of what it means to truly be yourself.

The Tim Marner team started by creating a look and feel that not only resonated with Paris, but that gave this budding 14 year old her own identity to conquer the world. After understanding what message Paris’s brand wanted to send, we set our design team to craft out her logo that would set her on her way.

The “S” in Evis doubles up as a stylised infinity symbol. In life like everything else, what comes around, goes around. Whilst you are part of the Evis gang you’re expected to help out those less fortunate than you, the Evis “8” is your badge of honour. It also serves to remind those that speak out against you that karma doesn’t need any help, it’ll always come back to get you.

It Pays to be YOU

When money is not the end goal and you do out of passion that’s when purpose is established. Once you have a sense of purpose, you know what you need to do, and you can spend the next 20/30/60 years fine tuning this purpose. Don’t chase ‘the title’ or ‘the pay packet’ or ‘the company car’... they are just nice to haves. Focus on ‘you being YOU’ and the rest will suddenly fall into place. Let your passion become your purpose, and your purpose become your profession.

We want you all to go and follow Paris and go along on this journey with her @evisofficial


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