Welcome To The World of Social!

Published in Culture, Life & Style on Mar 27, 2018 by Tim Marner™

So Tim, To Someone Who Has Just Landed On Earth From A Planet Where Social Does Not Exist, How Would You Describe Social?

'Social is a way of just like being in the pub. Whether it's with your friends or people you know through others or even just people who share the same interests, This is what social is about. Say hello, ask them how their day is and give them information that might better their lives or even help them out in some way. Give them value and a reason for following you and interacting with you. This is the main idea behind social, clues in the name, social! Don't be afraid to get involved, I mean, an alien arrives from planet pluto, you'd welcome him to earth and strike up a conversation, right? Duh Deh Dah Duh Dohhhhhhhhhhhh...

Now We Know There’s A Shed Load Of Social Platforms Around At The Moment, But What's The Four Main Ones That Have The Widest Audiences At The Moment? 

'People know that there are loads of social platforms out there at the minute. But they all pretty much do or sound like the same thing. Currently, at Tim Marner, we are very active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The reason for these main four is this is where our audience is. These are our platforms for getting my content and our ideas out. They are great for interacting with people who believe and are interested in what everyone has to offer!'

What Can Social Do For You As A Brand, As A Business, As A Person?

'People ask us this question a lot, and its dead simple, just head over to the bottom section on our website and check out our social feeds on all four platforms and you'll see what we mean. It's all about being relevant, and putting your brand image across the relevant platforms as a brand that gives value to our audience, NOT A LOGO, not a picture of a guy rubbing his hands, but a brand.'

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