Clubbed; A Collection of Club Posters by a Dance Music Obsessed Designer

Published in Culture, Life & Style on Jan 31, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Another Kickstarter success story. The crowd funding platform has supported the launch of Clubbed, a book by designer Rick Banks, which explores the history of UK clubs.

The UK has always been at the centre of the dance music, providing a vast platform for the creation and development of some of the most iconic club brands. It set the bar, establishing an industry standard of branding and design in the dance music scene, some of which rivalled those hailing from dance music meccas such as Berlin & Amsterdam.

Clubbed explores the best Graphic Design from UK clubs over the past 35 years and examines every inch of it.

It’s a collection of never-before-published material. Everything from logos, posters, photography, tickets, menus, cover art, signage, lanyards to fonts & flyers. It comes in a hardback edition, with diamond dust fabric with foil mimicking a dark and ethereal club environment, giving it an impressive and well considered finish.


The great thing about this book is the effort and love that has gone into it. With a lot of the posters dating from back to the time of p.d (pre-digital), Rick has painstakingly spent 10 months retouching physical hard copies and deciphering old markups to bring the content to a standard fit for publication. Whilst collating the material, Rick kept true to the original concept of the book, only including designs which were visually appealing, even leaving out super clubs like XOYO which just didn’t cut it in the graphical department.

The reason for the release of the book is a personal one too.

“I wanted this to be a really good reference book for today, inspiring people with all the graphics techniques it includes. It’s also interesting to see the trends change. The idea of a club as a respected corporation only really came about when Cream opened in Liverpool in 1992. The idea of giving a club an official logo, a bespoke font, a whole range of branded merchandise, was so forward-thinking.

But really, it makes me sad that young people today will never have the experience I did as a teenager: going to a record store, collecting flyers on counters, and buying CDs or records with beautiful, overproduced design. Now, that experience is just a small, .jpeg file on someone’s Twitter or Spotify account. I wanted to hero what it used to be like and how that experience got me into design.”

From one dance music lover to another, well done Rick.

You can read an interview by DesignWeek with Rick here

Clubbed: A Visual History of UK Club Culture has now reached its Kickstarter crowdfunding target of £30,000. Backers can still pledge £40 to pre-order the book. It is available to order internationally, and pre-orders will be shipped in May 2018. The book will then go on general sale for a snip at £40 on Rick Banks’ website. For more information, head here.

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