Exquisite Football Programmes From A Humbler Time

Published in Culture, Life & Style on Feb 13, 2018 by Tim Marner™

The Man Collecting Exquisite Football Programmes From A Humbler Time

Collected by designer Matthew Caldwell, 1 Shilling is a showcase of Football Programmes mainly from the 1960’s and 70’s. The collection is inspired by Caldwell’s Villa mad Dad, a season ticket holder since the late 60ties who built up an unhealthy addiction to buying programmes.
"I was always intrigued growing up, staring up at a bookshelf full of season categorised programme ‘folders’, which hadn’t seen the light of day for years, and of course being forbidden to come within touching distance of their hallowed pages.
It wasn’t until recently that my intrigue re-emerged and I was granted access to ‘having a right good look’. As I turned the pages, the cheers of fans seemed to flood out of them, as well as the stench of balti pie splatters that stained their pages. The games they must have witnessed… the swear words that these programmes must have heard… it was time that they too found their voice. I then started my very own collection, and so 'One Shilling' was born. In my eyes, these old things surpass any of the shiny, content heavy programmes we see today. Using simple graphic elements, cheap paper, and more often than not a single staple, these mini artworks offer a glorious flashback to when football was less monetised and better representative of the lives of the communities that used to hang on every pass, save and goal.
Like the footballers of their day, they have never asked for attention. They have simply served their purpose as informational publications that capture the mood and spirit of the game when it was once so humble.
Currently only living on the Instagram page @1_shilling, I plan to expand the project into its own website, where people can submit their own finds, building an online museum of programme designs - potentially manifesting itself in a programme of programmes… one day!"

Check out Matt's work here

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