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Published in Culture, Life & Style on Mar 27, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Not Just A Pretty Face

Good branding isn’t what people say about your company to your face, it’s what they say about your company behind your back. You need to have a brand so impressive and so consistent that people are talking about you and marketing you to others without you even realizing. That is until you start reaping the benefits. Branding isn’t just a good logo, a pretty symbol or a witty name. It’s something that provokes emotions and ideas from your customers. They trust and connect with your company, and their gut feeling about your product must always remain the same. You pull through and you stick to your promises.

Life Hack

You’re welcome. Don’t worry about it. Oh wait, we didn’t even tell you what we were doing for you. How about a life hack, something that’s going to change the way you think FOREVER and put a smile on your face in the most unusual of places. Where could this magical place be? A petrol station? That’s correct! No one enjoys spending their hard earned pennies on petrol, so we at Tim Marner decided to help you lovely people out and make this mundane task that little bit more exciting. Oh and of course its going to blow your brains with branding advice. Watch the video below to see what the hell we are talking about!

So now your life is changed and for once in your life, you can’t wait to get to the petrol station and spend your hard-earned cash. Mission complete. We’ve got you leaving our site and yet you’re STILL thinking about us. Now it’s your turn. This is how you brand yourself. Leave an impression that sticks in people’s minds, always be consistent and get people talking about your business regardless if you're there or not! Big up tha Brand!


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