Microsoft has Rethought its Gaming Experience

Published in Culture, Life & Style on Aug 03, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Microsoft has Rethought its Xbox Packaging for Disabled Gamers

Tech giants Microsoft have rethought it’s gaming experience to cater for people with disabilities. 

As designers we're probably the first people to slag off Microsoft, their software is bobbins and as apple fanboys and girls we could only ever be seen with an iPhone, never even bought an xbox; Playstation all the way baby. That being said, the latest news coming from Microsoft even got us saying WOW. Microsoft have rethought the gaming experience for their xbox consoles, and are soon to release an adaptive gaming controller aimed at people with limited mobility. Going to the nines on detail, Microsoft have even considered how the packaging opens and the positioning of the controller inside.

Announced earlier this year, the controller is customisable with gamers existing assistive aids. That means if you have reduced hand mobility you can plug in your own buttons, joystcks and switches to mimic a standard controller. Each aid being customisable to certain game actions. You can see images below of the packaging and also the controller. Well Done Microsoft.

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