Social Media, Fashion and the Role of Influencers

Published in Culture, Life & Style on Mar 19, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Thigh High Ugg Boots Hit The Street

Elle Magazine recently shared their thoughts on the soon to be released ‘Thigh High Ugg Boots’ and like the rest of Twitter, pretty much ripped the shoes to pieces. What's more worrying is the fact that people will still wear them regardless of what they look like. Fashion is subjective, but it was Elle’s concluding thought that had us questioning whether there is an underlying problem with fashion, social media and society at the moment. Why would we wear something described as ‘straight out repulsive’ just because a celebrity influences us to?

It's Only Ugly Until Rihanna Decides It's Not

The ELLE website article claimed that we should ‘never forget the fashion industries mantra: It's only ugly until Rihanna decides it's not’. We understand that certain high profile individuals have an influence on others, but it’s not always for the right reasons and we feel this is affecting the fashion industry more than ever, and not in a good way. It's less about quality and more about who's talking about it.

Social Media Influencers

Take a look at Instagram for example. Scroll down any newsfeed and you will see countless social media influencers pushing or talking about a Clothing Brand they clearly care little about. 

It’s a well-known fact that a brand can shortcut their success by giving their clothing to the right individual *ahem* a social media influencer, in return for money, followers or even free merchandise. We feel this is allowing genuine fashion brands to be cast into the shadows and generic t-shirt lines to quickly rise to the top because of who they know and not what they stand for. These fast-fashion brands are often just in it for the short term and want to make as much money as they can off the back of their chosen influencer. 

Little thought has been spared for fabrics, styling or how the brand cares for its customers. Yet people sadly still choose to buy the clothing because of who is wearing them. It seems that these days people give very little thought about values or what their brand should represent and more time to decide which social media influencer they want to push their clothing line.

On A Positive Note

In a positive light, the dominance of influencers could slowly be losing its way. Fast-fashion brands such as Misguided, who are renowned for using Social Media Influencers have been losing money over recent years, and only last year a previously successful NastyGal had to be saved by the BooHoo group. 

Finally, we are seeing the rise of Core Trends again start to dominate the market. Instagram has seen the rise of Vintage Clothing Boutiques which resell clothes and promote individuality whilst helping save the environment. Maybe there is hope for the fashion industry after all.

We feel influencer marketing can be a good thing, but these influencers should really be pushing a brand they genuinely believe in or holds values and ethics close to their own. Just looking aesthetically good doesn't cut it anymore, you need to be putting substance at the forefront of who you are. At Tim Marner we believe that character is of the utmost importance in today's society and is what the deciding factor is when choosing to work with our potential clients.

They stand for something. 

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