Street Debater | Tomo Kihara

Published in Culture, Life & Style on Feb 28, 2018 by Tim Marner™

The Street Debater

The street debater is designed by Japanese designer Tomo Kihara and allows homeless people to earn money without compromising their dignity. Originally from Tokyo, Kihara aims to challenge and reframe social issues. 

Homelessness has become a massive problem throughout the country, especially in our native Manchester we seen a massive rise in homeless people. One of the main problems with homelessness is the stigma around it. So this approach by Kihara is good because it gives the homeless person a way to communicate with people, allowing people that interaction and connection to take place. "For people on the street, when they are interacting with passersby, it's often on a basis to be offered help, and this is not an equal relationship," explained the designer.

"Street debating not only addresses the problem of begging, but something much bigger, it addresses the problem of social segregation.”

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