What the Hell is a Podcast?

Published in Culture, Life & Style on May 14, 2018 by Tim Marner™

What the Hell is a Podcast and why do you need to get on the Trend?

So what the hell is a Podcast and why should you make one? Isn't it just some boring people, talking about something no one actually cares about? Wrong. Very very wrong. Over 50 million people a month listen to podcasts, so why would you miss out on such a opportunity?

Art Work is Key... Stand out From the Masses

Rewind... Pause... Relax and Listen Whenever the Hell you Want... You Deserve it!

So what exactly is a Podcast? A podcast is essentially a music or radio file that you can listen to whenever you want. Inspire, motivate and educate others at any moment, but unlike radio you can pause, rewind, or fast forward to the bits you actually want to hear. Unlike video content, you can do other things whilst listening to an audio file and your audience can listen to you whenever they like. Whether that’s in the car, on the way to work, whilst you exercise or you cook. Your message WILL be heard. In the car.. wait what? Thats right. Without the distractions of video, people are more likely to listen to what your saying. In fact the numbers show. 85% of people who begin your podcast, watch it all and will finish your podcast.  When you think that some podcasts can last up to 30 minutes, if someone is able to listen to you for that long they are truly connecting with your message on a deep level.

The Tim Marner Game Room Flooded With Podcast Goodies

Here Comes the Money £££

Content is key, but once you start gaining a large following, theres the potential to monetise your podcasts. Like other platforms, money can be made through sponsorship and advertisement breaks throughout your podcast. Advertisers want to interact with your followers and are willing to pay a hefty price. Popular podcasts have a much greater CPM (Cost Per Meal) than other formats meaning you are paid more money per 1000 views that other creative platforms. 

Podcasts can be created with little to no costs and and your audience can download or stream them whenever they want. They are also able to subscribe to podcasts meaning their chosen device will automatically download the latest episode whenever it is released. Without the need for constant notifications or reminders, subscribers will be updated with your work without you even lifting a finger. Sweet!

Its not Just Boring People Talking About Boring Things 

Its not just boring people, talking about boring things. You can truly captivate and educate your audience in extremely creative ways. Add in features such as chapter markers, hyperlinks and eye watering artwork and you are truly creating content that will have viewers begging for more.

Podcasts are saweeeeet, the rewards are great, and by now you’re probably licking your lips and wondering how to get involved. Well its your lucky day! We at Tim Marner, have put on our superhero capes and are here to save the day. We’ve come up with a checklist that could help a donkey set up their own podcast. Follow the steps below and you’ll be on the path to podcast success in no time.

8 Steps to Podcast Heaven

Here we go people …

  1. Make sure you know what content your podcast will include. Find a topic your so passionate about, you could literally talk about it for hours, even if no one wants to listen. Eventually passion gets recognised.

  2. Listen to other podcasts and find a format you like. Are you going to have introductory music? Will you have a weekly interview? Make sure you find what you like and improve on it.

  3. You need a good name. Something people can search for and are actually looking for. Everyone will be searching for the word podcast, and if your name is ‘Billy Bob’s Podcast’ your just going to get lost amongst the masses. Be original. Be different.

  4. Get the gear. Podcasts don't need to be expensive, but if you can get a decent microphone its only going to make your work stand out. Microphones down need to be expensive but if your reluctant to make the purchase, your phone headphones will do the job. You can pretty much record a decent podcast on your phone, or you can hook the headphones up to your computer, download a program such as ‘Audacity’ record it all directly on your laptop.

  5. Before releasing anything, create a libraries worth of content. This will help you get comfortable recording, and give you the chance to improve and review your work. Once you have your stockpile of audio gold, make sure you release your work in regular intervals. Its no good releasing an amazing podcast if your followers have to wait months for the next one.

  6. Podcast Artwork should be incredible. Podcasts are usually in an audio format and the only way to really stand out is with great artwork. Invest time and money in this. There is no point having great content if no one will see it in the first place.

  7. Once you’ve created your podcasts, you need a place to store them. Here is where podcast host sites such as ‘Speaker’ or ‘Podcast’ are great. These sites allow you to store and edit your podcasts before you share them with the world. From here you can add titles, descriptions and relevant search tags. You can pay for a range of different features but most will allow you to start uploading for free.

  8. Once your happy with your work, its time to submit it to iTunes. Once you have an Apple account, copy your RSS URL (easily found of your hosting site) and paste it in the relevant place. You will then be able to validate your work and voila… you are live on world of iTunes and are ready to be shared with the world!

You’re out there. The handwork is done and your masterpiece is published. Just remember to link up your social media accounts so people can truly get involved with sharing your message. Thank us when your famous!


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