Fidget Spinners

Published on May 12, 2017 by Tim Marner™

During the summer of 1993 Catherine A. Hettinger was suffering from an illness that caused her severe muscle weakness, making it difficult to care for her daughter. Catherine recalled that she couldn't help pick up her daughters toys or play with her, so she started throwing things together with newspaper, tape and other stuff. 

She wasn't really making prototypes, it was some sort of semblance of something, her daughter would start playing with it in a different way, then she’d redesign it. She would go through several redesigns until a basic, non-mechanical spinner thingy was created. 

She would exhibit and sell upgraded versions of the spinner thingy at arts and craft fairs around Florida. And said, “It was great to see my idea come alive, I essentially broke even, I sold some units and tested it with a couple of thousand people, to get there feedback.“

Catherine filed an application to patent her spinner on May 28th 1993 before flying up to Washington D.C. to secure her patent in 1997.

She got in touch with toy manufacturing company Hasbro and they tested the design but decided not to proceed with production.

After not being able to afford the $400 renewal fee for her patent, Catherine had to surrender the patent.

Many manufacturers then began creating spinners in different shapes and designs.

Catherine made absolutely no money from the sale of this product.


It’s actually really nice to see people with something in there hands rather than a friggin phone. 

We use ours for small meditation moments throughout the day to take our minds off things we've been concentrating on for too long. Recommend anyone getting themselves one of these spinning little sukas to turn their brain off. 

Concentrative meditation works by placing your conscious focus on a single object and by focusing on a single object your mind will become quieter and more relaxed.

Maybe it’s just another fad, who knows, but for now we will spin.

If your reading this sweetheart, we want you to know that your helping kids all over the world to switch off without them even knowing about it and in this day and age of the fucking mobile, trolls, bullying and shit this is worth much more than all the money in the world.

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