How to Get More Customers

Published on May 18, 2017 by Tim Marner™

First start with clarifying what your brand stands for. What’s the “one thing” you want your customers to think of, when thinking of you?

For example you may be:

  • Most knowledgeable - You can help a customer choose an option of beef cuts that best suits what they are preparing for tea that night.
  • Speed -  Same day delivery. 
  • High quality - When everyone else in your area is low quality
  • Customer Service - When everyone else in your area has a in and out mentality.
  • Creativity - You can provide a lunch menu selection for their dietary or fitness goals. Organic protein boxes for bodybuilders.

Really think this through. If you are confused about the “one thing” that sets your business apart, then your customers definitely are.

Do a customer survey and ask existing customers what they value most about you. Ask them to check in and leave a review on Facebook at the same time. Start asking new customers what made them choose your butchers and would they mind leaving you a google review.

Customers don’t choose a business for 20 reasons. 

It’s one reason that will push them over the decision edge to buy a steak from you.

Look at what other butchers are doing in your local area and see what sets you apart. Once you understand this one thing it will be easier to get the little piggy to marketing. And that’s what will bring more customers in.

Remember, branding isn’t just for large corporations. 

When customers have shit loads of businesses to choose from, branding becomes the crucial competitive edge. 

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