Top of Google

Published on May 11, 2017 by Tim Marner™

If somebody is at the TOP of Google for what you searched for doesn’t actually mean they are TOP at what they do.

I think what’s inspired me to do this video is the people that actually think that companies actually get to the Top of Google because Google put them there for customers giving them amazing reviews, the older generation or non tech people who don’t really know any better.

I see too many people in our meeting room upset with the fact that the fukas that have done there logo, website, social media or whatever are now not responding to them because what they promised them from the off isn’t happening.

If your looking for any type of service please for the love of Johova don’t just go for the first person you see at the top of Google. 

It’s more than likely they’re paying a kings ransom of a monthly payment for backlinks to get there.

If you are about to set out on your own business path and your wanting a brand, a logo, a website or even just a cool little video to sell your services, go to the designer, the agency, the actual companies Facebook that you think best suits your business and look at the reviews on there, yeah you know the things with stars, also have a look at their Google listing and have a look at the reviews on there.

What you’ll find is what you should really be looking for before you depart with your hard earn cash, the voice of the people that have had dealings with them before, because they are really the marketeers.

Reviews on a companies own website are ok but with some talented copy writers they can easily be made up, but if you do have a shufty look for authenticity with these and do some background checks if they are on their website are they on their Facebook reviews as well. 

Again please remember TO NOT just presume that companies get to the Top of Google because Google put them there for customers giving them amazing reviews.

Bitches be spending a lot of money on SEO.


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