Ciaran Glöbel

Published in Design Inspiration on Jan 30, 2018 by Tim Marner™

The Signwriter from Glasgow

Recently we picked up on a little video put out by the BBC about a signwriter from Glasgow. Ciaran Glöbel is an artist and graphic designer who uses traditional signwriting tools and techniques to produce striking, hand-painted work. Ciaran's work is strictly No-Vinyl and it’s incredible. We’ve stuck some pics of Ciaran’s work below as well the little vid of him talking to the BBC which picked our interest.

We like Ciaran's work so much because of how it stands out from the crowd, the bright letterforms and graffiti influences help create signs which are truly unique and bespoke. Despite the resurgence in sign-writing sadly it is a trade which seems to be slowly dying out. With most people becoming more and more heavily reliant on digital and vinyl methods, mainly due to labour and production costs. Hand-painted signs are a colourful and interesting middle-finger to cheap generic vinyl methods which have sadly become the norm in the design industry.

You can check out more of >>Ciaran's work here<< and follow his >>Instagram here<<

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