A Russian Avant Garde Rebrand

Published in Design Inspiration on Apr 05, 2018 by Tim Marner™

All About Russia

Russia, the largest country in the world by area, outlined by Fodor’s: 

“The grandeur of the Czars, the brutality of Soviet regime, the literary masterpieces baring the Russian soul, and the onion domes of the cathedrals all have captivated the imagination of generations of travellers. Now Russia is shedding its Soviet past and creating itself anew. The palaces, cathedrals, and statues are all still there. But today’s Russia is cynical and hip and full of contrasts. Trendy art galleries replaced the Soviet factories in many cities and fierce capitalism has created the wildly rich. More billionaires live in Moscow today than anywhere else, where restaurants, nightclubs and shops have taken luxury to a new level. In the new Russia, it seems anything is possible.” 

Way back when in 2015 the Russian Federation launched a competition for the branding up the new tourism board. It got about 480 submissions, then a committee selected 10 for public voting. Fast forward on 3 years and the winning proposal has been announced (3 Years, I know lol) the winning designers were messrs Vladimir Lifanov, Ilya Lazuchenkov, Yegor Mysnik, Denis Schlesberg, and Erken Kagarov.

What They Had To Say About The Project

Suprematism — one of the directions of the Russian avant-garde — originated in our country in the early 20th century and personified advanced thinking not only on the scale of the country, but the whole world. This cultural phenomenon has passed a sufficient test of time to evoke associations with Russia and today serve as its visiting card in the field of visual aesthetics. 

The graphic solution of the brand is a stylized map of Russia. The elements from which it is collected denote the points and territories of our Motherland, conveying its character convincingly and accessible. ”

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