Weird Type AR & VR App

Published in Design Inspiration on Mar 27, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Funky Text

AR & VR are becoming an ever increasing presence in popular culture. We've already seen Pokemon Go utilising the technology so you can catch Magikarp on your way to work and Gyarados on the way home. So it's not a surprise that the technology has come back and is being utilised by creatives, and identities and logos aren't just visualised in a 2-D space anymore. so far we've seen Wolff Olins doin' bits for French Gallery Lafayette Anticipations, which you can check out here. Using a moving identity which changes on random algorithms. The latest is this app by Developer Zach Lieberman and artist Molmol Kuo which brings type and AR together in a funky relationship, which lets you manipulate text. You can check some vids and pics below.


We've also stuck some vids of us messing about with the app below !

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