Bearfaced Groceries

Published in News on May 19, 2016 by Tim Marner™


The Bear : Strong willed, intelligent, and one of the most gentle, affectionate and tolerant animals in the natural world. Bearfaced: Open and honest, sometimes to the point of brashness. Nothing artificial, nothing fake. Clear, clean cut, and wearing you’re heart on you’re sleeve.  Most of all, REAL. Together they make bearfaced. 


When we were first approached by the CEO of Fresh Groceries Direct we could already see that they would struggle to take on the likes of Waitrose and Marks and Spencer. What’s in a name you ask? EVERYTHING. Even thought the brand name explained what they intended to do (deliver fresh groceries direct to you), the words were cold and like something out of an Argos catalogue. We are all about personality over here and every brand needs a sprinkle of the client in it as that’s when the real magic starts to happen. In that first initial meeting we remember how tall the company director Phil was, kind of like poppa bear in Goldilocks and the three bears…



Que the Tim Marner Genius’.  Lets strip it right back. Good and honest food delivered directly to you, nothing artificial, and nothing fake. There was a certain aspect of transparency that the client wanted to achieve that isn’t around today; they wanted to invite their customers on the journey with them as their farmers’ hand picked their fruit and vegetables. Getting to know names, and invite everyone they met into their growing family, not only that everybody has that one cute little bear at home that they just cant bare to part with! And so you have it, a pepper for a nose here, and an apple for an ear there and you have the Bearfaced Bear.  Something family could relate to and children would fall in love with. Not only that we got to work with Michelle Heaton and Dale Pinnock, the Medicinal Chef. One of our most enjoyable projects yet.

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