Bolton Hospice Rebrand

Published in News on May 17, 2016 by Tim Marner™


It all started last year when Bolton Hospice posted us a brief. A brief asking us to help update and refresh their current website. No problem. First things first though, we wanted to go and meet the people that have made such a wonderful place possible. Conveniently they were just across the road from our creative office! After meeting the staff and volunteers of Bolton Hospice and on a second visit, their patients and families, it became clear that the Hospice’s current logo and branding did not reflect the colorful characters inside. For starters everything was pink and our thoughts quickly turned to females and breast cancer.


We wanted to bring to the fore front all of the colorful bright characters we had met. To show people how friendly and caring the Hospice is and all the great work they do. Our attention quickly turned to the Bolton Hospice logo and current branding. We loved the idea of the Lancashire rose and so we pulled together a beautifully complimentary rainbow of colour’s for each of the petals.  Adding a heart shaped leaf to the rose was a gentle nod to their roots and where they began. After all, caring is from the heart. Next was the Bolton Hospice website build and we must say our web developers did a grand job. It doesn’t feel like work when you believe in your project.


It just goes to show that if your brand doesn’t reflect what it is that your doing then it can do more harm than good. Yeah sure, we can provide you with the perfect photography and the slickest looking website, but what’s the point if your brand and logo are not singing? Now the Hospice have a logo that will stand the test of time, a brand that will help capture the hearts of hundreds and not only that but a creative office full of friends for life.

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